Saturday, March 16, 2019

Your Elegant Hosting Guide

Spring ushers in a season of entertaining with lovely meals served on elegant china at exquisite tables. Yet it can be hard to not only plan a meal but set the right mood. Thankfully there is new book that gives not only serving suggestions but also what kind of tableware to use as well.

Kristal Damron, a caterer, wrote this picture filled guide Entertaining And Celebrating: An Elegant Feast For Every Season (published by Reward Your Appetite Catering 2019).It gives  hosts and more expressly, caterers  ideas about how to serve a simple ,classy feast for any celebration. It is a glossy coffee table book, with elegantly taken pictures. Every celebration is covered, from showers to Christmas dinner and the book is divided into the four seasons. One page shows how the table should be set  while the other has the ala carte menu. The meals are divided into four courses starting with an amuse bouches - appetizers and ending with desserts The dishes given are all season appropriate. A Mother's Day brunch offers zucchini gazpacho and red grouper Poele while the Christmas Day dinner has such suggestions as roasted Cornish hens with mushrooms duxelles stuffing, and baked eggplant with marinara sauce.

This book may not be for the home chef looking for recipes.  This is  one strictly  for caterers, especially those just starting  out in the industry. There are so many ideas for what to serve and jumping off points for the more creative. One of the best pluses is the wine and tableware guides located in the appendix. The tableware is all Lenox and her choices are stunning.Some are delicate, some look utilitarian yet fresh. The same goes for the glass and tableware. To be honest this section is a good guide for those just starting their household. Chef Damron's choices work well together, and can definitely serve as inspiration for householders wanting to pair the appropriate glassware and plates together. Another source of inspiration are the centerpieces. These are lovely seasonal arrangements that complement the tables and can be used for any family dinner or celebration.

Entertaining And Celebrating:An Elegant Feast For Every Season is a must have for every caterer.It offers a plethora of recipe ideas as well as suggestions for wine and tableware. Buy it today, not just for these but also for the beautiful photographs of elegantly set tables.

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