Monday, December 21, 2015

Pistahcio Chewy Bites A Healthy Stocking Stuffer

Want a healthy bite to put into everyone''s X-Mas stockings? Then try Setton Farms' Chewy Pistachio Bites. These are a better treat than all those Christmas candies and cookies. They're also a great respite from the rich holiday bites we're all indulging in right now.

Setton Farms is a California based pistachio farm located in the lush farming area northeast of Los Angeles. It is unusual in the sense that it is a Kosher farm where it is not only checked by an onsite rabbi but also must follow the strictest food regulations. The company is known primarily for its' dried fruits and nuts.such as pears, pineapple, almonds and walnuts. Setton also produces several different types of plain and flavored pistachios from unsalted to salted to jalapeno, garlic and chili lemon.Now there;s a brand new treat, pistachio chewy bites. These are a tasty respite from the heavy, sugary holiday fare.They're a mix of heart healthy mix of pistachios and dried cranberries held together with agave syrup.They're gluten and dairy free. Each chew is 105 calories with 60 fat calories and th best part is they're loaded with nuts!.

You'd expect something this good for you to be not so tasty. Wrong ! These are the best tasting chews  I've had in a long time! The pistachio's mild nutty flavor is the perfect foil for the cranberries' tartness and the agave's sweet syrup flavor. The texture is a fun chew too and a quick bite. It'll make a great stocking stuffer , giving those Santa pops and chocolate coins a run for their money. After the holidays  they'd be perfect in gym bags and lunch boxes. The chews are a better alternative  to that three o'clock candy bar or doughnut too. They're also a nice dessert too or a great nibble when you're craving something sweet.Surprisingly they can be turned into savory and sweet recipes, from a spicy Mediterranean couscous to popcorn balls. If you really want decadent party treats then dip them in semisweet chocolate and let them harden. The Chewy Pistachio Bites can be bought at A&Ps ,Shop Rite, King Kullen, Wegman, Lucky's and a few other supermarkets. 

This holiday season give your body a healthy gift of Setton Farms Chewy Pistachio Bites. These are super yummy and super good.Try them now as an alternative to all those sugary cookies and candies.

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