Monday, January 16, 2017

A Day Of Service

Martin Luther King wanted everyone in this country to be treated equally. Sadly there is still a divide with many , including children going hungry or not getting the proper nutrition. What needs to be done is more volunteering and giving , and not just time but knowledge.

Food pantries are a great way of showing your care. If you're a retailer, grower or manufacturer then donate healthy foods such as fruits and veggies along with whole wheat breads and rolls. Many families tend to go  after what's known as "convenient foods", quick and tasty frozen food or snack foods, especially if they're on a budget. Instead, have recipes printed up with homemade recipes for everything from turkey burgers to salsa. Kids will certainly love making healthier versions of their favorite foods and snacks.Another idea is having your food pantry give out samples of  all-natural dishes and treats such as vegan chili or mango chutney. If you can get a nutritionist or nutrition professor to speak about food choices and the consequences of eating poorly. There could even be samples and fun games to emphasize the point. There could even be a kid's day, with different "lectures' aimed at various age groups , from kindergartners to high schoolers.

All of this can also be applied to senior groups and veteran's organizations.. The elderly have special nutritional needs and that needs to be reinforced. Again, any nutritionist or nutrition professor can give up a Saturday or Sunday. There could even be informative trips to the supermarket or even local farm if the audience is up to it.Even church groups can definitely benefit by this knowledge too.The last can also benefit with parishioners and volunteers chipping in to create gardens and mini orchards so fresh veggies, fruit and even herbs can be grown. Manufacturers such as Whole Foods can also be contacted  to donate organic meats and poultry, along with veggies and fruits. Use their products too, for making dinners and parties for meals and celebrations with less salt, sugar and fat. Instead of cookouts with burgers and franks, think turkey burgers on whole grain buns with fresh roasted corn and salads bathed in  vinaigrette instead of heavy mayo. Birthdays and holidays can  be celebrated with angel food cake and berries instead of an icing  drenched confection.

This is a day of service. Donate your time and knowledge in making people's lives and diets better. You 'll feel better and so will they,

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