Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Know Your Probiotics

Probiotics are important to a healthy body  and keeping well. Yet many have no clue as to hat they are or hat they can do for us. Most think that yogurt is the only food that has these "little bugs". They're sort of right but not quite.There are other foods too, tasty ones that can be easily incorporated in any diet.

What are probiotics exactly? They can b e defined as microorganisms that provide health benefits when consumed. The term itself came into existence around 1980 however  the study of it reaches back to the early 1900's thanks to Nobel Prize recipient,Elie Metchnikoff. Dr. Metchnikoff was a Russian zoologist who suggested that the dependence of intestinal microbes on food makes it possible to adopt measures to modify the flora in our bodies  and to replace the harmful microbes with useful ones. The idea has been around since Roman and ancient Greek times when early healers noticed the benefits of such fermented foods as cheese and pickled vegetables. Centuries later
scientists analyzed the eating habits of  the  long living Bulgarians and inhabitants of the Russian steppes . They ate  yogurt daily, filling their guts with fermented lactose. Modern day eaters can benefit from probiotics as well.It's instrumental in calming down IBS  - irritable bowel disease along with treating diarrhea in adults and children.They can also stave off the flu and cold as well as being beneficial to oral health. Do these clusters of microorganisms have any risks? They will cause bloating and gas in some people along with causing some discomfort  for those with bowel problems.

Probiotics are an easy add in to any diet. You may want to start with Activia Yogurt, long known for their probiotics.The company offers regular and Greek along with fiber filled yogurts and yogurt drinks in fruit flavors like strawberry , cherry and blueberry. There are other like Fage that also help. Yogurt can be subbed in for sour cream as well so even dips and tacos can be made a tad more healthier. It's not just yogurt that's beneficial. Fermented foods such as sauerkraut and kimchi are loaded with it. Both can easily be made at home too.You can not only eat healthier but also more vegan thanks to another probiotic  food, tempeh, This meat substitute was originally from southeast Asia has a nutty  taste when cooked.It can be made as a burger or diced and mixed with brown rice.Of of the most famous probiotic foods is the Japanese miso.It's basically fermented soy along with barley and brown rice. Other grains can be used too.It's fermented down into  a red,  dark brown  or white  paste with a buttery texture Like other probiotic foods miso should be added to the broth right before taking it off the range otherwise the microbes get cooked and killed.You could wash all this down with kefir,a microbe rich drink made from milk and kefir grains.It's just mixing the two which leaves you with a rich creamy drink with a slightly alcoholic taste. A water kefir can also be made using sugar, water, coconut milk and grains.

Probiotics are important to good gut and body health. You can go the yogurt route and get these important microbes that way.You can also discover the rich world of other probiotic foods by cooking miso soup or by making a nice glass of milk kefir.It'll expand your palate as well as helping your body.

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