Monday, February 1, 2016

Cleaning Out Your Dietary Closet

I recently went through a rough week of gall and stomach problems. The reason for these problems I had created such a toxic diet  for myself. It took a week of throwing out and skipping all that junky food. Mine was not a healthy diet to begin with, with a overload of salty , sweet and fried. it was time to clean out.

One of the biggest taboos for anyone with gall problems is caffeinated drinks.That meant nixing the Pepsi along with hot cocoa out of my life. Luckily I am a big BAI fan and it was easy to change over to this tasty but all natural juice (also luckily their newest flavor is Kula Watermelon, a lovely light flavor that reminds one of hot summer nights eating chilled slices of melon).Grape and apple juice are also gallbladder diet must haves.Again, I love grape juice so this was a big plus to switch over (another good thing about grape juice - it freezes well so I will be making ice pops this summer with it) The herbal tea switchover takes some getting used to - herbal blends sometimes have a medicinal taste and aftertaste to them. Chamomile is the best  and can be tempered with  a small drop of dark honey. The diet also requires subbing in honey and agave for sugar. Water is a definite must. It helps to flush everything from the liver to the gallbladder. I will have to give up the usual glass of tap to spring water, which is always a plus.

Fried food and snacks are big cholesterol causers, Cholesterol is the main ingredient in gall stones and sludge, a kind of slimy grit that can clog up gall ducts . Potato chips are definitely off the table as are French fries. Surprisingly there is a substitiute. Green beans. Steam them first and then chill with a simple vinaigrette dressing (olive oil and vinegar are allowed, in fact the last is encouraged).Eat them with your fingers and it has that fun finger food feel. You can also just steam and pat dry with a paper towel. They then can be dipped into a homemade vinaigrette for less mess..If you want you can add some fruit  such as blueberry or pomegranate to the vinegar for  a delicate sweet flavor. Kale, along with Brussels sprouts will be turned into tasty chips if I want a fun snack. Garbanzo beans are another can eat.I have already made hummus, a lighter version of what 's sold in the stores. This recipe I found a few years ago on the internet and it is easy to make.I'ts mixing pureed cannelini and white beans with a tablespoon or two of olive oil and the juice of half a fresh lemon.

This is only the beginning of the new diet. Tomorrow I'll be highlighting the new meal plan I'll be following. It's another step to acquiring good gut health.

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