Monday, March 9, 2020

Comfort Food For Now

With all hell breaking loose around us, it's the best time to cook and bake those dishes and treats near and dear to our stomachs and hearts. It is definitely time for a slice of meat loaf or a big chocolate chip cookie. Indulge in what you want.

Luckily most of our comfort foods can be home made. There's no need to go out to restaurants and fast food joints. It's easy to make your version of Quarter Pounders and Whoppers at home. You can use Beyond Burgers for a healthier spin. Load it up with slices of onions, pickles and an easy to make version of special sauce.This is a mishmosh of mayo, French dressing and ketchup spiked up with white vinegar and dill pickle relish, Your side? Air fried French fries.  Get a few Idaho or Russet potatoes for the crispiest and meatiest. For real comfort, think Tater tots wrapped in bacon. You can also air fry these to get rid of all that bacon grease. Of course most people turn to meat loaf and mashed potatoes for their comfort foodsThink about amping it up some with the addition of sliced portabella mushrooms and wrapping it in bacon for a truly flavorful bite. Add a rich mushroom gravy spiked with with cremini or baby bella mushrooms and a good  jigger of sherry. To add to this try cream cheese mashed potatoes. These are the same recipe as basic mashed potatoes but have the added creaminess and cheesiness of the cream cheese. There's also garlic powder for more flavor. Spoon tons of gravy over them or just plop scoops of butter on top.

Of course comfort foods also mean sweets too.  Giant chocolate chip cookies are the perfect bake and comfort food. They have the perfect combination of butter, chocolate and brown sugar. You can add walnuts along with pecans too. Another comfort bake are M&M cookies. These are great made with the dark chocolate M&Ms. Whip up a batch  and enjoy them with a good book and a cup of your favorite tea.Another great comfort cookie? Peanut butter. Again, it's a fabulous mix of peanut butter, butter and brown sugar. Dip baked ones in melted dark chocolate for the ultimate peanut butter cup taste. Of course nothing beats cupcakes,You can have fun with these too. Imagine devil's food ones piled high with a minty buttercream, then topped with chocolate sprinkles. Or bake butter cake ones frosted with mounds of fudge frosting. Cupcakes are great to bake and ice during a quarantine because they are labor intensive and can help you pass the time when cabin fever sets in. Ice cream , for some is another sweet comfort food. A scoop is nice but jazz it up with some hot fudge and whipped cream.Create a tin roof sundae with a layer of Spanish peanuts and a few maraschino cherries. You could also throw all of this in a waffle cone for some fun.

Yes, you should eat healthy during these stressful times but also treat yourself to some really good comfort food. Have a dinner of burger and fries. Bake those cupcakes and cookies. Indulge yourself. Think of it as a remedy for these anxiety filled days.

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