Saturday, November 12, 2016

The Versatile English Muffin

One of the best staples of any kitchen is the humble English muffin. It can be used for any meal and even makes a great night snack. If you think it's just a boring little crumpet, think again. It is versatile , going from a classic breakfast treat to a fun alternative  to hamburger buns.

It was Thomas Bath Thomas who brought this Victorian breakfast staple to the States from England in 1877. They were based on the English muffins that were sold in London at the time. They were slightly different in that they were thinner than the crumpets they were modeled on. Another change that Mr. Thomas made was  precutting them so they could easily be split apart with a fork. At first they were only sold to hotels and grocery stores. By 1880 they were so popular that Thomas had to open up a second bakery,One of the best aspects of them is that they're low in calories -only 130 per muffin and make a nice snack, especially with butter. Even though the original is the best, Thomas has other flavors and grains such as the seasonal pumpkin spice and whole wheat. Many love their blueberry and corn flavors too along with the honey wheat  and sourdough. The original, whole wheat and multi grain kinds are the most versatile. They are perfect for both savory and sweet recipes.Another great thing about them is that they're freezable and can be used weeks after they were first bought. Just take them out of the fridge and they can be thawed in the toaster or toaster oven.

English muffins are one of the best things to happen to breakfast. Thi early morning staple is a great starter with just a layer of butter or margarine and your favorite jelly.They're also a nice accompaniment to eggs sunnyside up or soft boiled ones, perfect for sopping up the yolk. English muffins are a great base for any breakfast sandwich. Try a classic of scrambled eggs and bacon or sausage. For zing add a drop of hot sauce to the eggs. A fried egg sandwich is another  light yet filling breakfast.One of the best recipes is Eggs Benedict. The muffin's  spongy texture is excellent for sopping up the buttery Hollandaise and runny yolk. The recipe can be varied with spinach being subbed in for the Canadian bacon for Egg;s Florentine or using a crab cakes for a lush , extravagant brunch.salmon can also be used for Eggs Atlantic or Eggs Benjamin. English muffins also make for great mini pizzas. It's just spooning  olive oil and  pizza sauce over the slices and then topping them with shredded mozzarella. Add fun extras such as sausage or peppers, onions or olives. The muffins also can be used instead of hamburger buns. They're even better because the nooks and crannies hold the burgers' juices , making them even tastier. English muffins can even be used for grilled cheese too for a different spin on the classic lunch bite.Add tomatoes and bacon for a take on the diner classic The Happy Waitress.

English muffins are a must have for any kitchen. They're a great way to greet the day or end it. They are perfect for both pizza and burgers. Best of all , have them hot from the toaster with just butter. Or create your own recipe. They are versatile and fun.

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