Tuesday, July 19, 2016

A Vegan's Dream Come True

Does being a vegan come with perks? Yes! The obvious answer is the health benefits but there's also another plus - a new cookbook that features vegan cheese and ice cream recipes. These are fun to make and tasty to eat. Even non vegans will turn vegan just for these recipes.

 The Best Homemade Vegan Cheese and Ice Cream Recipes (Robert Rose Publishers) was written by Marie Laforet, a well known vegan blogger who lives in Paris.. Her blog site is lush salute to all dishes meatless , from savory to sweet.. The cookbook is no different,It is an amazing array of our most popular cheeses, from mozzarella to feta, from  cheddar to ricotta and transformed into healthier dishes by omitting dairy. The second half of the book is dedicated to homemade vegan ice cream and pops.Any home chef can make any of these recipes. They are labor intensive  but with relatively easy steps. The beginning of the book shows the ingredients and fermenting agents that are used along with explanations. It starts with the basic ingredients like soy along with legumes and nuts (cashews figure prominently in most of the recipes).Since cheese is also known for its various textures there are also a page on texturizers such as agar agar , odorless coconut oil and starches,There is also a section on fermentation agents too along with explanations on what tools to use, Cheese makers will recognize the need for cheesecloth for straining along with drying in a hydrator or just in a low heated oven.

The recipes will make any cheese and ice cream lover drool. Ms. Lafloret has recipes for the classics that are made with just raw cashew nuts, soy, almond and rice milk Home chefs can delight in serving guests homemade vegan  Gouda or Parmesan.There is also the plus of unusual cheeses such as kimcheese - a cheese made with Korean kimchi ! or tofu cheese with two peppers that resembles a Boursin. With the cheeses come recipes such as Nacho cheese sauce, perfect for outdoor parties or even topping a vegan chili.Vegans who gave up fondue will rejoice in a recipe for one made with white wine and cashew butter. As for the ice cream, Ms. Lafloret gives us mouth watering recipes that include home made cones. There are ice cream and sorbet recipes perfect for these sultry summer days.  Try the tomato, strawberry and basil sorbet or pineapple lime sorbet to cool down on a sweltering night. There is the classic vanilla ice cream made with just soy and rice creams along with light cane sugar and vanilla pods.Pistachio lovers ill love the non dairy version. Ice cream lovers will go mad for  the chocolate mint straticella packed with flavor, .There are also ice pops and palletas in mouth watering flavor combos such as orange mango, fruity rocket pops and peach pie. Other desserts include home made and healthy ice cream sandwiches and a Neopolitan log made with coffee, chocolate and vanilla

 The Best Homemade Vegan Cheese and Ice Cream Recipes is a great book for vegans and non vegans alike. They can have their cheese and ice cream too, in yummy flavors and recipes. It's a great book full of healthy and fun treats.

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