Monday, June 20, 2016

Scream For Healthy Ice Cream

With summer comes ice cream, and this summer will be no different. Yet too much of the creamy cold stuff is no good.Yet what to do? Switch to ices? Give up the good stuff and sub in fruit? The best option is look for ice creams that are not so sinful. Whether kitchen made or store bought, they 're still delicious.

The best way to have healthy ice cream is to make it yourself. It's easy to pick up an ice cream maker and get the right ingredients. The basic recipe is a custard however you can still make a rich one using unflavored gelatin and nonfat sweetened condensed milk.Another plus about making your own is adding healthy ingredients too.Liven it up with blueberries and strawberries, flavored honeys and dark chocolate shards. Just remember that homemade ice cream can get very hard after prolonged periods in the freezer. A twenty minute stay down below in the fridge part can remedy that. Many dieters swear by banana "ice cream". It's just first slicing a ripe banana into thin slices or coins, freezing them in an airtight container such as a freezer bag or freezer safe glass bowl. When ready ,pulse the slices in a food processor or blender.It takes a while for the fruit to transform into a creamy soft serve looking is worth it though. Many add cocoa powder to give it that chocolate dipped banana taste. Get daring with it too. Add spices such as cinnamon or nutmeg. Top it with semi-sweet  chocolate chips or chopped almonds or serve it with fresh sliced strawberries or crushed blueberries.

What about if you don't have time even to whip up the banana ice cream? Supermarkets such as Stop & Shop and Acme have extensive ice cream aisles so the choice is wide and varied. Yet which ones are the best for your diet? Surprisingly Ben and Jerry's. It's actually their frozen yogurt but it's still cold, sweet and creamy at 100 calories for the strawberries and cream flavor. Ice cream lovers should try Edy's slow churned kind. I love their  small cups in different flavors.The chocolate chip mint (always a favorite ) is only 190 calories while the vanilla is only 160 calories. You can also buy the larger gallon containers in many more flavors like Mississippi Mud Pie, Maine Blueberries and Cream along with Vermont Maple Syrup and the mousse like French Silk. A lot of people have Breyers in their fridge during these hot , steamy months, and now they have both low fat and no sugar variations of their classic chocolate, vanilla and cookies and cream. The sugar free has a little more variety, with their flavors that include mint chip swirl,butter pecan and salted caramel swirl along with a take on Neopolitan and vanilla. What about the king of ice creams, Haagen Daz? Stick with their frozen yogurts that have 100 calories less than their ice creams. They have the same rich flavor without  all the richness and fat.

Don't deny yourself a bowl of ice cream during these hotter than an oven days. Make or buy a low calorie one that's full of flavor but half the calories. You'll enjoy the treat without the guilt.

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