Friday, February 5, 2016

A Super Bowl Party For Everyone

It's going to be Super Bowl Sunday in two days and by now every party thrower in the country should be well stocked.Or are they? Unfortunately there is no one guest's tastes fits all. There will be allergies and limitations to deal with , let alone likes and dislikes.

Dips are high on any Super Bowl Party list. There's nothing like a creamy, spicy guacamole to enjoy,but what about those guests who have gallbladder and pancreas issues? Avocados , as I sadly found out recently are on the do not eat list.What then? Hummus! Luckily most restricted diets endorse garbanzo beans , along with any other beans. If the taste is too intense, then mix a can of cannelini beans with chichis . Drain and puree the white beans first, then drain and puree the chickpeas. Mix together with a tablespoon or two of light olive oil. You can add the juice of half a lemon for freshness. This is a great , delicately flavored dips that's far from heavy . Serve with toasted pita wedges. Now what about the crunchies? Many have gluten allergies  and again, those with stomach problems , can feel discomfort with regular crackers. It's time then to try the glutin free . One brand, Crunchmaster has excellent ones that are not only free of gluten but also cholesterol and saturated fat free. I love these and they and the white bean hummus have replaced tortilla chips and guac for me. Salsa is another tasty party dish however it can be too spicy for some. Try a milder one with fresh tomatoes and just bell peppers. You can add chopped onion for more flavor but if it's too much then just add a dash of dried onions or onion powder. Have a dish of sliced jalapenos on the side for those who want to add heat to their individual scoops of dip.

Everyone loves wings - or do they? Many people are on diets that ban them. Try roasted ones that have been marinated in lemon or garlic. Grill roasted chicken is tastier anyway and has a nice crispy bite to them. Another point to consider is that some people cant have the skins because they're full of fat. Try grilled chicken or turkey breasts instead. You can serve them on home baked gluten free rolls with a smear of tarragon laced Nayonnaise This last is an egg free soy based condiment that can sub in for mayo. As for the rolls there are several recipes on line you can make If chili is your Super Bowl go to , then you can make several different kinds. Purists will go crazy for a four alarm beef one. However you may have fusspots who are not into having the roofs of their mouths seared or their diets ruined with beef. Try a turkey or chicken one with maybe half the heat. You can also sub in vegan beef crumbles too. Everyone loves a pepperoni laden pizza to much on during the plays. Yet eating it can cause your guests to reach for the Pepto Bismal. Go for the margherita style which has fresh tomatoes, a scant covering of mozzarella and a big  dose of basil. Also the old fashioned  cheeseless or Nonna pizzas are also very good. it's a thick crust topped with a good dose of onion laced tomatoes.  

A good Super Bowl party caters to  everyone. Make sure you;re ready to deal with likes, dislikes dietary restrictions and allergies. It may cost more and be more labor intensive but the end result - happy guests - is worth it.

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