Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Food That Does Taste Good

It is hard to find a snack that's both tasty and healthy.However , the company Food Should Taste Better does just that.Ithas. Created tasty hybrid of chip and cracker that is simply delicious.Not only that it has made snack that leaves you feeling guilt free after a few nibbles. Food Should Taste Good is relatively new in the world of snacks.Its creator Pete Lescoe came up with this healthy alternative to potato chips in 2006. These have no trans fats or artificial flavorings.Every flavor is made with all natural ingredients to produce a healthy and flavorful snack. They can be good with dips but also can be used in cassaroles or crumbling over a salad. I recently bought their olive flavor.This was a tasty mix of black and green olives as well as the Greek Kalamata.There was also a hint of garlic salt as well.These would be perfect with a cream cheese garlic dip or even A tapas spread. Food Should Taste Good also comes in a wide range of flavors from the sweet chocolate and kernel corn to hemp and white cheddar. The web site has a slew of great recipes that incorporate the chips into dishes as well as tasty spreads to try with them. Food Should Taste Good is a revolutionary snack treat.It combines good ingredients and taste.It now is one of the most wholesome snacks on the market.

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