Monday, November 14, 2016

Your Thanksgiving Plan

It's hard to believe but Thanksgiving is a little ore than a week away. This is the crown jewel of holiday dinners and it has to be done right. Alleviate the pressure and fear by charting out the meal. If you have a plan, then everything, from prepping to cooking to serving will be that much easier.

One of the first must do is write out a guest list. After each name list allergies, dietary restrictions and likes, and dislikes. If a few guests have gluten allergies then think abut making two kinds of stuffing along with having gluten free rolls and desserts.Also think about your vegan and vegetarian friends and family. Do you want to get tofurkey which is a soy loaf usually filled with bread stuffing? Or would your guests prefer no fuss and subsist on just salads and sides?This is a good time to call and ask and write down what they want. Another point to consider is the variety of tastes.If guests want a fresh cranberry jelly instead of a canned one, then think about making a homemade one. Another point to ponder is a sit-down dinner or a buffet where people can pick out where they want to sit.If you feel that cooking an entire meal is too overwhelming , then there are two routes to consider. A pot luck Thanksgiving where everyone brings a dish, while you tackle the main dish or having it catered. Many stores such as Stop &Shop and Shop Rite will cook everything from the bird and the sides. They'll also throw in rolls and pie too. Popeye's and Boston Market can also cook up  entire Thanksgiving meals too. Popeye's will give you a deep fried Southern version while Boston Market has more traditional fare.

Thanksgiving dishes and how they're made are always polarizing. Half the table may want a rich gravy made with roux, while the other half like it just au jus. with a thin gravy. Then there are
 the yam controversy. Do you  make them as a kind of dessert loaded with brown sugar and mini marshmallows or do you just roast them in tin foil. Do you make two types to satisfy everyone or just stick ith one? The best bet is just sticking with what the majority of guests want.Sve the second recipe for Christ mas or New Year's. Thanksgiving is not the day to try out new recipes either. if you do want to experiment try it out this Sunday.That way you can see if it's a hit or a miss and if it's easy or hard.This is also time to hit the stores, from department to the grocery.Get new table linens if the old ones are worn or raggedy. Polish the silverware and dust off the china. Also make sure all your kitchen appliances are up to snuff too.Replace anything that may not work just right. . Sharpen knives. Make sure you have enough essentials such as gravy ladles and serving forks.Now is the time to buy extras like plastic cups and glasses if you're having a big crowd. check to make sure you have enough plates and also make sure none of them are cracked.If that's the case, then think about getting a new set. Target and K-Mart have very pretty sets at good prices.

Thanksgiving prep is a home chef must have.Set a plan and stick with it. It'll make for smoother cooking and serving. That's a holiday in itself.

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