Saturday, August 13, 2016

Your Ice Cream Guide

Ask anyone what's the difference between a sorbet and a sherbet and you'll be met with a shrug. Query about semifreddo and you may get a blank stare. Know the difference between French or Philly style ice cream? If you don't you may need the ice cream guide.

We're in the middle of an epic heat wave here in the New York metro area. Any icy treat  is appreciated. As long as it reduces body heat , it's perfect. Yet many don't know about the different types and if one is better than the other. Take hard and soft serve ice cream. Most affectionados  just think it's a question of texture but it's much more. Soft serve is lower in milk fat by almost ten per cent .It has  only 2 to 3 per cent while hard ice cream has 10 to 18 %.. Also it's stored at a higher temp of -4 C  while the other is -18 C. Soft serve  has air whipped into it at the time of freezing. Some ice creams have French or Philadelphia style written on their cartons. French ice cream is essentially frozen custard thanks to the inclusion of two or three eggs. Philly or American style just has milk cream and sugar in the recipe. The first is a bit more labor intensive to make at home. It involves cooking a custard, making sure that the mixture is cooked properly or the home chef will ind up with a pot of sweet scrambled eggs. Philly style is easier  and it highlights the taste of the cream and milk. Both can have add ins such as fresh fruit or cocoa powder along with fresh mint to liven it up.

What is semi freddo? It's kind of like a French ice cream loaf but not quite.Think more frozen mousse made from zabaglione, Swiss meringue and cream, The three components are swirled together and then poured into a loaf pan.It's frozen for at least six hours before serving.It can be made with fruits, espresso and chocolate. along with hazelnuts and almonds. It's a nice alternative to an ice cream cake for any summer birthday celebration. Another head scratcher is sorbet and sherbet. Sorbet is purely sweetened or flavored water and is easy to make. Sherbet has milk as a basic ingredient along with a creamier texture. Both can be made at home. thanks to any good ice cream maker., Sherbet is made mostly with fruit however it can be made with cocoa powder for a refreshing change from ice cream.What is Italian ice and how is it different from gelato? Italian ice, sometimes known as water ice in the Philadelphia and Delaware regions,is basically water blended with concentrate, puree or just plan juice. Some Italian ices may have egg whites which act as a binder. Gelato is more of an ice cream, except that it has less air and is denser in texture and flavor.Traditionally it contains more milk and less cream along with being a bit more experimental with flavors and flavor pairings.

This is the time for any frozen treat for relief from the heat. Whether you have a scoop of French vanilla or a cup of strawberry ice, it's time to cool down. Keep the hot weather at bay with any of these chilled treats.

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