Thursday, August 4, 2016

Peach Perfection

This is the season for peaches. They're more or less out there, from farmer's markets to the back yard harvests. Who doesn't love their juicy sweetness or tender flesh? Pair them with a puff pastry and it's sheer heaven. The fruits shine their best when put into a simple dessert.

Melissa Clark wrote about them in yesterday's New York Times Food section, along with an article about the fruit's shortage by Patrick Farrell.According to the last there was a "Saint Valentine's Day Massacre where a blast of sub zero air hit the tender buds on the trees.The flash freeze hit New Jersey, southern New York, some of New England along with parts of the Hudson Valley. There is hope ,though, The trees' empty spots practically guarantee bumper crops next Spring and summer for 2017.(although you can sub in nectarines, basically fuzz free peaches for any recipe that calls for them)Ms. Clark teams them up with a quick or rough puff pastry for a caramel peach skillet pie..It's not as time consuming as a regular pastry.It billows and browns in tender flakes.She also recommends using frozen butter which will create those flaky layers and make for an easy roll out. Any extra dough can be frozen in the freezer and then taken out later on for another fruity favorite - the galette.

The pie consists of about nine cups of peaches or nectarine. They need to be sliced and pitted, then tossed with granulated sugar. Let them sit while you make the caramel.This is a basic caramel, made with just sugar and water.It should be cooked over a medium heat until it's a dark amber color.Ms Clark recommends testing the color by dribbling some on a white plate.The peaches (or nectarines) and their juices are put into this and cooked until they soften for about five minutes.The tapioca along with vanilla bean paste and the exotic cardamon is added into the skillet.Only half the puff pastry is used and its' rolled out for the pie's top.It should be quarter of an inch thick.Tuck the edges into the skillet to seal in the juices and then sprinkle on cinnamon sugar for some glistening and sparkle..It's baked in a 350 degree Farenheit oven until the layers become fluffy and golden.Leave it to cool for twenty minutes before serving with ice cream or freshly whipped cream.

Peaches are a wonderful treat. Bake them in this tasty skillet pie for a tasty summer treat. Enjoy their goodness and sweetness,

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