Saturday, June 18, 2016

Serving Your King ::Father's Day Meals

Funny how dads are not treated as greatly on Father's Day as mothers are on Mother's Day. There's no fancy breakfasts in bed or elegant lunches out. However it's time to treat the king of the castle with respect and good food.

Yes, it's OK to make breakfast in bed  - or out on the deck - for the man of the day. Pancakes are always a good start but jazz them up with beer. Sub in the cup of milk with beer for a different kind of breakfast. Serve with eggs and caramelized bacon. This last is easy to make. Dip bacon strips in an equal mix of brown sugar and cinnamon and then arrange on a baking sheet. Bake eight minutes , and turn once.If hes' not a griddle cake fan, then think waffles, in particular bourbon waffles. This are grown up Eggos,  thanks to quarter cup of the liquor added to the batter. Serve with pecans and warmed maple syrup. Another fun idea dad may like is a breakfast hero. Toast a hero roll in the oven or on the grill, and fill with a layer of cheesy scrambled eggs or his favorite omelet. Layer on sausage patties, Taylor ham and Canadian bacon. Throw in some tomato slices and guacamole if he's into them.Do dads do brunch? Of course - just tailor it to their tastes. Yes, real men do each quiche but turn it Paleo  by adding beef cubes or steak tips and some cheddar.For some fire, toss in a few tablespoons of  chopped jalapenos. What about the drink? Save the mimosas for the moms and splash some vodka into the orange juice for an eye opening screwdriver.

What about lunch?Since the day is going to be a beautiful one think picnic,whether at the beach, park or mountains. Health conscious dads may want a whole wheat sandwich, stuffed with vegan cold cuts. Tofurkey has an excellent array of them from soy baloney to soy ham,They also have soy cheese that tastes like the real thing.It would be a good time to try out the aquafaba based mayo. This is a simple mix of the liquid from a can of chickpeas, blended with vegetable oil and apple cider vinegar along with dry mustard and lemon juice. It can also be used to make a healthy coleslaw too, along with good for you whole wheat macaroni salads. If dad is a meat eater, then think of turkey or London broil sandwiches, with fresh sliced tomatoes and onions. Instead of chips, sub in olives from the salty Greek kalamatas to the mellow black ones. What about the king's dinner? How about a meal that combines the big guy's two favorite things, the grill and chili, Grilled chili involves grilling beef cubes and green peppers over a fire and then adding them later to the rest of the recipe.The recipe can be made with chicken too.Homemade pizza is also a great way of celebrating any dad. especially when it's homemade and loaded with his favorite  toppings. End the day with chocolate stout cupcakes and a cigar!.

Treat the dads out there with respect and fun dishes. Make their special day  just that special, with good meals and fun treats. They're the best gifts of all.

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