Friday, January 15, 2016

Tabanero Hot Sauce Fire With A Healthful Kick

Nothing takes away the winter chill than a few drops of hot sauce added to any dish.It's a great way of making a meal exciting while warming foodies from head to toe. Tabanero Hot Sauce is this sauce.It can provide flavor and heat to any dish , from scrambled eggs to even cupcakes.

Hot sauce affectionados will love this brand.Tabanero. comes from an authentic Mexican recipe,directly from the Tabasco region in the lush and rainy Yucatan Peninsula. This provided the sauce's manufacturers with fresh ingredients to create a hot sauce that has a home made flavor.It's a delicate balance of spices such as habanero peppers mixed in with carrots , onions and garlic.What makes Tabanero unusual is that it also has lime juice as well as agave syrup in it , unlike other sauces. What it doesn't have is vinegar which many other hot sauce companies add to theirs along with preservatives. The result is a fresher tasting flavor that doesn't overshadow or even overpower a dish, Another plus us that the sauce is gluten free and low in sodium perfect for those allergy prone sauce lovers or those watching their salt intake.. It comes in three flavors:extra hot,  picante and agave sweet and spicy. The pricing is good too.$6.99 for a eight ounce bottle that will last for a few months.

I was never a big fan of hot sauce until I tried Tabanero's sauces. I love the almost fresh garden taste of  the picante. It doesn't have that throat searing heat that I deplore in other hot sauces. It was great as a dip with soy chicken nuggets,only enhancing their  flavor. It would be excellent  in meat loaf along with zinging up the sauce. Use it as a marinade for chicken wings and ribs along with turniing it into a dipping sauce for them as well. Put a liberal few drops in guacamiole or salsa to really give excitement to chips and dips. Tabanero's picante sauce is a good brunch buddy too. Bloody Mary's will never be the same, once this is added to the mix although fr a real eye opener use the extra hot flavor. The picante or the extra hot would be  excellent in huevos rancheros or even zinging up  baked eggs. I also am a big fan of the agave sweet and spicy. It makes for an excellent dipping sauce  for soy chicken bites and  would also be good as a sweet marinade for chicken wings and legs,Try it ,brushed on  pork ribs or pork chops too.. Many bakers would use to make a fiery Mexican hot chocolate  cake or cupcakes. It could even be used in icing as well for the ultimate surprise.

Tabanero hot sauces are not your usual hot sauces. They are made with fresh ingredients that have a just from the garden flavor to them. Try them today for an original and unique flavor. They're not just lively, but all natural and good for you.

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