Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Thick Juicy Steak Done Right

In some parts of the country it's still hot enough to grill outdoors. What  better to celebrate the last tendrils of summer than with a thick juicy steak, perfectly grilled and seasoned.It's actually an easy cook that just requires only using half of your grill. The  result is a crusty outer layer with a meltingly tender inside.

Melissa Clark wrote about this in her A Good Appetite column in today's New York Times Food section, Nothing beats a good mouthful of  steak and she recommends using 1 1/2 inch thick bone in rib eye steaks. For those less expensive cuts Ms. Clark sprinkles on some blue cheese crumbles, letting them melt on top, Her choice is Jasper Hill Bayley Hazen Blue,a top quality blue cheese aged at the   Jasper   Hill Farm  in Vermont. You  could also use any good blue cheese from your local cheese shop or better grocery store. She  also add chives and butter. I would prefer an herbed butter , using a blend of Kerrygold with different herbs like rosemary and parsley instead of the cheese or just melted butter in the style of Peter Luger  Steakhouse for dipping steak pieces. Ms. Clark also suggests finishing with a hot sauce mix and again that's up to the individual.

The grilling method is a bit different. than the usual way. Ms. Clark uses indirect  heat to cook. The method involves building a fire on only one side of the grill, leaving the other side bare. First sear the meat on  both sides over the open fire then move it over to the unlit side to let it cook at a leisurely pace. This method is best suited to thick bone in steaks that are at least an inch and a half in thickness.Cooking them indirectly will ensure that the cut is evenly cooked .Done over a constant fire the meats would wind up being too charred..This way , there's still a lightly charred crust but with a tender and done pink inside. After the cooking the steaks are transferred to a cutting board for ten minutes to let the meat rest. Here. Ms.Clark mixes the butter , chives and hot sauce and them pours  it  over the steak. I would just let them be save for a quick brush with melted butter before serving.

Nothing beats a thick juicy steak. Cook it the half grill method for the best    possible tenderness and flavor. Doing this will make these meaty beauties even more desirable.

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