Monday, August 17, 2015

The Graze Craze

Snacks delivered to your doorstep? That's every foodie's dream and it can become a reality. A new company called Graze is sending goodness and good munchies. It's not only a neat spin on snacking, it's a healthier way of eating.

The company  was started by a group of seven friends who were tired of eating the usual chips and dips. They wanted variety but variety with nutrition. The groups came up with healthy snacks, thanks to their taster Eleanor (no last name is mentioned) who creates the large array of both sweet and savory noshes.The ingredients are artisanal, with small family bakeries and fruit producers contributing.Graze tries to go for the unusual and best tasting. It also has classic flavored snacks such as the Boston cream pie sweet snack mix and a sesame garlic crunch.Surpriingly  enough they also have broths like the Vietnamese pho for a quick hot mini meal. A Graze box can contain anywhere from four to eight small packs .It's a small box with  small fistfuls of crunchies that costs $11.99 per month. They also have a sharing box too which are twenty bags you can give out to family and friends.

How does the Graze snacks taste? Interesting. My box had New York Everything Bagel, Iced Cinnamon Bun, Vitamin E Defense and Pizza Margherita. My favorite was the New York Everything Bagel. These were crunchy poppy seed onion sticks, that tasted more like flavored Melba toast than bagels.The Iced Cinnamon Bun took some getting used to. Imagine a Ciinabon deconstructed and then reimagined as a healthy snack.Cinnamon honey almonds are mixed with yogurt covered sunflower seeds and vanilla cookie drops. They have to be eaten together to get the whole effect. There was one super healthy snack of hazelnuts, raisins peanuts and  dried cranberries which is a pretty tasty snack that would work on any picnic. I also liked the Pizza Margherita which has basil infused Melba toast bites and mini tomato breadsticks. What was a detractor were the cheese cashews.I would have put cheese nibbles instead of the nuts which really don't belong in a pizza mix.

Graze is a foodie's dream come true and delivered to the front door. There's an interesting array of snacks , both sweet and savory to try.It's different than the usual chips and pretzels , for sure.

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