Friday, July 18, 2014

Easy Summer Birthday Cakes

Summer birthdays are always fun.There's barbecues, sangria, and of course cake.The only problem with the last is baking is not fun even in air conditioning.The best idea while keeping it homemade is easy to make no bake cakes.These are fun and just as yummy as the baked and iced kind. One of the easiest and tastiest are the Jello No Bakes.These consist of a quick crust or base, a mousse like center and creamy toppings.There are easy cheesecakes ,including a home style and cheryl one.You can customize them by adding either melted or solid chocolate chips along with adding slivered or ground almonds to the crust.There's also a fun peanut butter cup cake and and Oreo flavored one too.These are wonderful ends to any party and take fifteen minutes at best to just whip up and assemble.These can also be made into cupcakes by making the dessert in muffin tins. Jello itself has a slew of no bake cake recipes that would make the perfect birthday cake.Try layering different varieties of Jello to create an airy but flavorful confection.Cream cheese plays a big part in creating a no bake treat.You can blend it with Cool Whip and other flavors such as chocolate or citrus to create an airy and light slice.Start with either a simple Graham cracker or ground cookie crust as the first layer, then add the cream cheese and cream mix.Decorate with fruit slices or chocolate curls depending on what you ,'ve made. Refrigerator cakes are another fun summer birthday treat.One of the most easiest and the most elegant is the chocolate wafer log.This is a no brainer to create.Just take those famed chocolate wafer cookies and layer them on their side, using the topping as "mortar"to glue together.You can use chocolate Cool Whip for pure decadence .You can even add a side of bananas or cut strawberries to cut the intense flavor.Another icebox cake is the classic Nilla wafers with a custardy cream.The original recipe calls for raw eggs but if you're having qualms about this omit them and just used whipped topping mixed with pineapple and any kind of nut meats.A variation of this is a dessert loaf made with condensed milk and the addition of raisins .Icebox cakes can also be made with crushed graham crackers.Layer the crackers and then heap on layers of CoolWhip and fresh fruit such as sliced peaches.For a quick spin on the classic Brown Derby cake, alternately layer chocolate Graham crackers, whipped topping and slices of bananas and strawberries.Reserved some crackers to be crushed and sprinkled on top of the cake.You can also do a home made ice cream cake this way too.Layer the crackers with softened ice cream for a really special treat. Summer birthdays need a summer cake.Whip up a cool airy creation ,perfect for a balmy nice.It's not only a greatbway to end a special birthday meal but also to celebrate a summer baby.

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