Saturday, August 25, 2012

A Big Summer Blow Out

This is the time for those bigger summer blowouts, the once last chance to really party before the fall season arrives. What kind of party to throw? That's up to you but make sure it's full of fun and food. Try buffets if you' ve spent the summer just grilling or have an old fashioned fancy picnic with real china and elegant food. There's a lot of different types to try.

Most people usually throw an end of season barbecue. This is the easiest to have and within most cooks comforts zones. However you can mix it up a bit by adding some bratwurst and bauenwurst to the mix. These tasty German sausages go well on hot dog buns or just eaten by themselves with a good potato salad.Another shake up is trying ostrich, or emu burgers .You could also throw a luau with a whole roast pig along with fun tropical kabobs of pork, pineapple and cherries. For any of these make sure you get a definite head count so you're not under or over with supplies.

Of course you can also try something elegant and Old World. Having an entire pasta dinner out under the trees on a starry night is a great way of ending the season. First have a traditional antipasto of cold cuts cheeses and pickled veggies. Then serve just simple rotelli or penne with a fresh veggie sauce. Finish with an easy to assemble tiramisu or fruit and wine salad. Another idea is an elegant picnic and if you want have guest s come dressed up. You can serve cold roast chickens and turkeys along with roasts and hams on a carving board. Serve cucumber salads along with ones made from spring greens . Place buckets of iced champagne in  set up corners along with plastic flutes  for niche dining. it's a neat way to have a blow out but in a very courtly manner.

No matter how you do it just celebrate the end of a fun season. You can do it with a wild style or a regal manner. Anyway just have a blast with good foods and good friends.

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