Friday, June 29, 2012

A Sweet Summer Sherry

Summer is the time for seafood followed by an amazing white wine.Yet why not add a different twist and go with sherry. It's the perfect compliment to shellfish and fish and the way to do it is with a rich , sweet sherry . Seafood calls for a sweet, earthy accompanyment and that  fits the bill.

Eric Asimov explored Spanish sherries during a trip to Iberia  in his Pour column in New York Times Dining the other day. Sherry was created here  in the town of Jerez(hence the name). Although it does have old fashioned connotations the drink is a wine,being the ideal mate to any grilled meat.Most people usually have a  small glass of either fino or manzanilla in a cocktail as a before dinner aperitif. Sherry manufacturers such as Eduardo Ojeda of the Grupo Estevez wants a new generation to appreciate sherry and see it as the wine it is.

That said, beginners should look for sherries that have a rich amber color , almost a smoky caramel hue,It should be bone dry  and have a nutty taste like almonds. A good sherry should be smooth going down and should highlight the taste of  any meal from roast boar (a popular go with in  Iberia) or risotto.The best usually cost between $35 and $150  and of the more famous brands is Barbadillo.Affectionados also like El Maestro Sierra , Emilio Hidalgo and Valdespino. For your seafood dinner try something that is sec and will compliment anything from lobster to grilled shrimp.

Summer seafood is delicious. Bring out its' briny taste with a good sherry There are many to choose from  and any will be good as a compliment to the season's catch of the day.

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