Friday, June 8, 2012

Healthy Pets Healthy Diets

For Panther who's enjoying his tuna and milk now in Heaven

We worry about our family's diets and what they eat. However we should also be concerned about what our cats and dogs are eating too. Just like so much of our food animal companion foods are also processed. This can cause a lot of problems, from simple obesity to various forms of cancer. It pays to give them a good healthy diet from early on. They'll live longer and be healthier.

Pet food is mostly processed and not always made from the best ingredients. There are petrochemicals added for color so that the food will be appealing to us. We buy cat and dog food according to the commercials or ads we've seen. We like the fact that our companions food are feline and canine versions of ours. However the big pet food companies (you can guess who they are) put everything from egg noodles to cheese flavoring as fillers and flavorings. Also some brands do have eggs which are good for glossy coats, however they also have egg shells in them which can get stuck in an animal's delicate intestinal tracts. There's also corn oil added as well along with offal (those gross innards we usually don't eat),

You can either go natural or add supplements to your cat's and dogs diets. Natural eating means shopping at smaller, privately owned pet shops. These offer boutique brands that are made almost by hand. They have the same flavors that regular pet foods have such as salmon , turkey and tuna for cats and chicken and lamb for dogs. However these also have the addition of wholesome grains such as brown rice and fruits  and vegetables such as antioxidant rich blueberries and beta carotene rich carrots. You can also give dogs and cats the same supplements we take. Mix a few drops of flaxseed and/or Omega 3 fish oil in their foods. This prevents or stops any cancer along with giving them healthier skins and glossier coats

Our animal companions are a vital part of our family dynamic. Give them the same good food and supplements you would give yourself. A healthy diet means a long healthy life for you all

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