Thursday, June 21, 2012

Elegant Nashville Eating

Southern eating is usually reserved to fried chicken and grits, especially in the quintessential town of Nashville.. However that city is changing its' culinary habits. Thanks to local chefs, the city is becoming a gourmet mecca, Food is changing however it still maintains its' Southern flair.

This was the topic of an article in today's New York Times Dining section. It was written by regular Kin Severson. She sampled the various dishes and went to some of the hipster restaurants too. After all Nashville is also a music city , attracting celebs like native Sheryl Crow and newcomer Nicole Kidman and her husband , country singer Keith Urban,, Some of the food is artisanal, being reminiscent of what's happening in Brooklyn's foodie scene,Chefs are making their own chocolate and curing their own meats, This gives dishes a homemade yet gourmet flavor.

Some of the stars on the Nashville scene are Mas Taco Por favor. This Mexican favorite started in 2008 out of a Winnebago - no less. Its' soup is famed around town  It''s a smooth blend  of chicken and lime and has attracted a cult following in Music City. The restaurant's carnitas are also very good , being a blend of fresh beef and spices. Nashville's gem, The Catbird Seat has a national following and has been featured in many food magazines.It is known for its' unusual concept of having a large table where chefs come out and serve dish after dish. There is a beef tartare that is made with burnt bread crumbs and juniper. The eggs come sous-vide and yogurt dishes are infused with sweet hay.

Nashville has long been known as the country's music capitol. Now it's being known for its' food as well. It's fine country dining with a sophisticated twist.

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