Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A Little Cheating

Every now and then even the most health conscious foodie falls off the healthy grub wagon. Let's face it , unlike other addictions bad food is all around us.It exists in stores  at parties , even within in our grasps. It's hard to keep a healthy diet - however sometimes a little cheating can actually help.

Salt and sugar are the worst temptations. They're everywhere. However once in a while some fries or milk chocolate can satisfy. If you're planning on a salty treat, then just have a handful or share with someone.There are all natural chips such as The Good Earth olive oil fried potato chips or Food Should Taste Good chips and crackers. These are all natural as are the Back To Nature brand cheese crackers which also have unbleached flour and no preservatives. Barbecues are big this time of year and there's all sorts of stuff being offered. Stick with a few nibbles to satisfy yourself  and then make a beeline for the vegetable platter. Fill up on the healthier option of tomatoes, broccoli florets and cauliflower bits.

Sweets are always a factor in cheating. Let's face it , it's hard to resist cookies or cupcakes.It's the time of year too for ice cream in any form. The best bet is have a mini cupcake than a larger one and nibble a few cookies to satisfy that sweet tooth. You can also try the Back To Nature brand which has a wide variety of the kinds of cookies people love. As for ice cream, a kid size cone or cup will do nicely. You still get the taste but not all the calories or fat that would go with the  adult sized one.Another alternative is trying an Italian or plain ice ,sherbet or sorbet which has no dairy in it. These are water based so you don't have that fat. You can also freeze fruit like grapes or peach slices and have them as a different frozen treat.

Cheating on a healthy diet is OK every now and then. Satisfy that salt or sugar craving and then go back to what's good for you. Temptation is fine. Just sate it and then go back to eating better.

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