Friday, May 25, 2012

Food As Art

Foodies and art rarely go together  unless the art museum has a really good cafeteria such as Manhattan;s Metropolitan Art or MOMA. However food has been the subject of many a composition from cave paintings to 21st Century performance artists. Every artist has incorporated one type of food or another n their works.

If you're lucky enough to travel this summer, stop in to see a few museums. Take a good look at the some of the ones featuring feasting. Some of the ancient Romans and Greeks were much taken by the parties and celebrations around them. You can see how these influenced banquets throughout the ages. (you'll also get hungry for olives, bread and wine,make sure there's a good salumeria or deli near the museum so you can also feast afterwards).The Renaissance brought us the start of the most beautiful still lifes . They reflected the food trades of the time, such as baking, and cheese making along with butchery and wine making.

The Impressionism's work will also inspire traveling foodies to have their own picnics. Georges Seurat along with Edouard Manet depicted family as well as  racy  outings in 19th Century France. They also depicted food not as nourishment but as sensual treats.Fruit never looked riper, bursting with juice. The loaves of crusty  bread never looked crisper or yeastier.Modern artists sometimes try to make a statement with their food. Many cities have smaller, more outre galleries where  artists work in bacon(!) butter and everything in between. Performance artists will also chuck everything from chocolate sauce to spaghetti on live models. These take a bit of getting used to and if you;re not comfortable go the more traditional route.. Stick to the museums or even the smaller libraries or historical societies.New York's is featuring two centuries of beer manufacturing.This features some interesting posters and advertisements regarding brewing.

Art and food are both important in our lives. There is no nourishment for the body and sou with either. This summer discover that on your travels. The connection will both enlighten and feed you .

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