Monday, April 23, 2012

Healthy Spring Drinks

Spring brings not only warm weather but a variety of affairs and parties. There;s everything from graduations to Mother's Day to confirmations to communions.This is the season of celebration and toasting.However what to have that not only fun but good for you? There's a whole list of tasty libations both good to guzzle and good for you.

Spring parties need fruity drinks. This is a perfect time for getting out the juicer and creating some healthy and good for you combos. Melonade, juice made with cantaloupe juice and water is refreshing . Any berry makes not only a good juice, but a great flavor when  mixed with unflavored club soda for a fun foamy fizz, Try a strawberry one to get a pink fluffy topped mocktail or a blueberry one for a lovely violet colored fizz. You can also buy already made healthy juices like  the Sambazon brand which is all natural and chemical free and blend it with any seltzer or club soda.

Spring parties deserve punch. The problem is that punches are usually sugary affairs loaded with everything from honey  to ice cream. A punch should be light and refreshing, a perfect complement for both sandwiches and cake, . A good base for any non alcoholic punch is always club soda however it can be varied with flavored clubs. Try a cranberry flavored club soda with cranberries (use the dried )and ginger . For a berry flavored club, again add ginger for spice and bite and then freshly cut strawberries along with raspberries, blueberries and blackberries.If the punch is a tad bitter, then pinch in some raw sugar (never the white) or agave syrup. Add festive ice cubes too for more fun.

There's nothing like a warm Spring night for partying.What goes well with it is a deliciously cool drink that's not only tasty but also healthy.It's the perfect way to celebrate.

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