Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bulgarian Cooking A Hybrid Cuisine

Bulgaria is one of those countries that's off the beaten path on European tours. However it's an interesting place with an even interesting cuisine. Mix Greek and Slavic tastes and flavors with a pinch of exotic and it comes out Bulgarian. From salads to sweets, it 's a interesting array of dishes.

Bulgaria lies between Greece ,Serbia, Romania and Turkey. These countries , surely have had a hand in creating the national cuisine. There were native people there from the very beginning as well ans their recips have been passed down in various meat dishes and cheese.It's famed for its' rich salads  which accompany every meal.They even have a special Easter salad for their Bulgarian Orthodox Easter which features sliced boiled eggs. There is even one whimsically named Snow White because most of the ingredients are white.They also eat a lot of yogurt,first enjoying it as far back as 3,000 years ago. Cheese also plays an important part in the Bulgarian lifestyle. There are many varieties

Thanks to a strong Turkish and Greek influence kabobs are a big part of Bulgarian cuisine. Lamb ones figure prominently in dinners and street fare.Meatballs also make up some dishes whether as a main dish or an addition to soup. The Bulgarians love cold cuts and their spicy salame,lukanka is one of the most popular.It is a blend of pork and beef with a good dose of black pepper, cumin and salt. There is also sujuk which is a milder version but has a slight kick thanks to red pepper. fish is also popular and it's either baked in flaky pastry or grilled.

Bulgarian cooking represents the hybrid dishes of its' more dominent neighbors. However it blends the tastes of its' own people to create a cuisine that is both interesting and bold.

Monday Buglarian breads and sweets

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