Tuesday, March 6, 2012

All Natural Drinks

The US is a country dependant on soda.Since Coke was invented 125 years ago people have been guzzling any sweet drink with their lunch and dinners, along with snacks and even breakfasts!Even two year olds crave any sweet liquid, from apple juice to malteds.This results in all sorts of horrors from tooth decay to diabetes . What to do ? Make your own.

The first step is to get a good juicer , or blender. The first can be used to create all sorts of fresh juice and mixed all natural drinks. I have one student who makes his own all natural, healthy drinks using all organic fruits and veggies. It pays off .he seems healthier and automatically turns to his own creations as opposed to anything factory made. Blenders also help in creating homemade juices as well as smoothies. The second step is catering to yourself or your family. Yes they love sweet sugary drinks however don'tgive in by adding white sugar! Add in all natural sweeteners like cinnamon and ginger.

Another drink idea to consider is a home carbonation system, This is not only healthier than buying those weekly bottles and six packs of soda,it's also cheaper. You can buy chargers that allow you to turn ordinary tap water into sparkling drinks.Add homemade orange juice and it's an all natural Orangina. Put in plums and  it's kind of like Dr.Pepper. It can also be served with just a slice of lime or lemon.Homemade natural teas (which can be bought even at the grocery store) are also a good sub in for sugary drinks. try as lemon or a refreshing mint or something exotic with different spices.

A sweet drink is always tasty. However  an all natural one is not only delicious, it ;s also good for you. The best bet is making your own, whether it's juice, tea or even a kitchen made soda.! Even just one  glass is not only yummy but healthy too.

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