Friday, September 17, 2010

A Lovely Fall Picnic

Now that the weather is changing it;s possible to go on a decent picnic without getting heat stroke. Eating outside in cooler weather means a whole list of good foods to make You can enjoy fresh picked apples or some salsa made with the summer's tomatoes and pepper crops. it also means just enjoying a lazy Saturday or Sunday with nothing to do but rest and relax.

What makes a good autumn picnic. Well you can now bring any kin d of food without having to worry about it turning recommendations would be a cold whole roast chicken or sliced roast beef. These make for excellent sandwiches tor stand up well on their own. You can add a fresh green salad or finger foods such as olives grape tomatoes, sweet gherkins and broccoli florets. You can also bring other salads .Try making coleslaw with a dash or horse radish for added zip.Another good thing. Nix the soda and bottled water . bring the season appropriate apple cider with you.

Cooler weather picnics mean you can bring creamy desserts. You don't have to worry about intense heat melting them or turning them sour. You can make apple gallettes and serve them with fresh whipped cream.Both will be easy to store in a cooler. Another idea is bringing any kind of turnover.Fresh fruit such as the apples and now pears are also a good way to end an outdoor picnic. You can also bring cake slices to end a meal too. With dropped temps you don;t have to worry about the icing getting gooey on you or melting off the cake.

A fall picnic is a great way of appreciating the changing scenery and weather. It;s also one of the best ways to enjoy a Saturday or Sunday lunch with family and friends. The weather will be perfect and so will the food!

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