Friday, August 20, 2010

Rhubarb A Garden Fresh Treat

This is time when many gardens yield rhubarb. A lot of foodies don't know what to to with it or are even afraid to try the stalks. However once you cook and sweeten the fruit, it'll fast become a family favorite. It'll be wonderful in all sorts of dessert from pies to ice cream.

The plant does have a bad rap because its' leaves are highly poisonous. However the stalks are fine to eat however they must be boiled. Take the stalks and simmer in a shallow pot of water. Why shallow? because the stalks contain a lot of water themselves and if you add more liquid you'll have an overflow. Add a dash or lemon or lime juice and then cinnamon or nutmeg, Since the stalks are some what bitter, add 1/2 to 2/3 cups of sugar. Be warned. Rhubarb stalks can get very mushy when cooked.

What can you do with this mash? Most people add strawberries or apples for more sweetness. You can also add pectin to this or the cooked rhubarb to make a nice jam. Plain cooked rhubarb and strawberry make an excellent filling for a simple pie. You can also take this mix and add it to pudding or ice cream for an unusual treat or even to plain yogurt. Some people make a rhubarb chutney which accompanies chicken but mostly pork recipes.

Rhubarb is a wonderful garden treat. Don't be afraid to cook with it and use it n a variety of desserts.You'll enjoy its; earthy sweet flavor - a true taste of a summer harvest

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