Monday, March 16, 2009

Getting ReadyFor St Patrick's Day

Tomorrow is St Patrick's Day and it's the day when most people get their yearly dosage of corned beef and cabbage. Yet Irish cuisine is much more than that. There are some phenomenal potato and turnip recipes along with interesting combinations that celebrate Ireland's love of both the land and of the sea.

You should already have your cabbages. What to do with them? Make a buttery dish of colcannon, a mix of mashed potatoes with cabbage and kale. Fry this up in butter and sprinkle with sea salt and cracked pepper. Some Irish add bacon (usually the streaky kind ) along with garlic and onions to give it more oomph. Serve this with lamb or mutton, which are traditional meats. You can get the ingredients tonight for a hearty lamb stew for tomorrow's party. Seafood has been popular since the Vikings ruled the island and the Irish love a good oyster stew too. Buy your seafood this evening and get it shelled for tomorrow.

If you're going to go a more Irish American route then you should be starting to bake your soda bread tonight. Remember this is made with buttermilk instead of regular milk . It also is made with currents and raisins so if you want more authentic , then make sure you have the correct ingredients. Bake two breads because everyone loves a fresh slice of the stuff for tomorrow.

Tomorrow is the festivities but get ready for them today. You'll have more time to down that Guinness and enjoy whatever Gaelic treats you decide to make.

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