Saturday, March 28, 2009

Flowering Fruit

There’s a new trend right now with fruit. Baskets. Gone are the traditional towers full of apples, pears and oranges. In their stead are new fruit “bouquets’, strawberries, pineapples and apples cut to look like daisies and roses. It’s an interesting idea and let’s face it a real money maker too. A bouquet can cost as much as three hundred dollars. That’s quadruple of what you would pay for a bouquet of actual flowers. The good news is that you can recreate these at home.

It doesn’t take brains to turn a pineapple slice into a daisy. It just involves a good knife (preferably one of Cutco quality) and some chocolate for dipping the petals into. As far as making strawberry rosebuds,, again a no brainer. Make two diagonal slits around the bottom of the strawberry so that it looks like a tight bud, then insert a toothpick where the hull is. These are also easy to dip and you can dip them into white chocolate dyed pink for added beauty. If you want you can also put in fresh picked mint leaves (if you have them growing in your garden) for bouquet greenery.

Fruit bouquets are actually easy to make if you have the time and creativity. There a new spin on the old fruit basket idea. It’s a fresh way to celebrate or comfort a person however you can make the bouquet yourself for only a few dollars.

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