Thursday, February 5, 2009

Avocados - Good Tasting And Good For You

if you think avocados are just for guacamole , think again. This fruit is wonderful in salads and with eggs. It's also good just on it's own , thanks to its' rich buttery taste and texture. Avocados are very healthy for you , lowering cholesterol.

The fruit is a cousin of a pear and it has the same kind of shape as an Anjou pear. The name itself is derived from Nahuatl word and was indigenous to Mexico. Avocados are high in potassium which helps lower cholesterol. They also help to boost the immune system so incorporate them into your diet this winter.warning though., They are high in calories and fat. having one or tow a week is fine.

Avocados should be firm yet yielding to the touch when ripe. Try to pick them when they're in the ripening stage. If you do pick unripe ones just let them sit on the table or in a bag with an apple or banana to speed up the ripening process. Try not to have too much leftover because they blacken quickly and resemble mulch. I usually like mine with some sliced tomatoes and onions with a light dousing of oil and vinegar. You can mash them and put them on toast for a healthy breakfast or as a burger topping (known as a California burger).

Avocados are a good , healthy fruit, perfect for the winter. They will help you lower your cholesterol and amp up your immune system. have a few on hand for some salads or as a nice sandwich topping.

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