Saturday, February 4, 2017

Deep Nutrition A New Spin On Healthy Eating

Can food determine if we'll have perfect children? Is vegetable oil the cause of autism? These are some interesting questions posed and answered in a new  riveting book on dieting. It not only gives us advice and recipes but food for thought.

Deep Nutrition:Why Your Genes Need Traditional Food (Flatiron Books Publishing 2017) is a provocative book written by Dr. Catherine Shanahan M.D. that explores foods' impact on not just our bodies but our lives as well. Some chapters may be read with a raised eyebrow and a head scratch. According to Dr. Shanahan , even reproduction and producing the perfect baby is all down to what we eat. She recommends that there be at least three years age difference between children so all kids in a family get the benefits of the nutrients in their mother's body. It's that kind of philosophy that is eye opening.There are also chapters that deal with autism and the reason for it - which is vegetable oil. As we all know it is bad for us, and she goes into great detail as to why and what we can sub in its place.  A good chunk of the book is also focused on sugars and why they're bad along with their effect on the body and mind. She also goes after starches too and explains in great detail why they're bad. Dr. Shanahan is pro-carb along with giving advice on good and bad fats.

The book does have some recipes, namely salad dressing and sauerkraut. The doctor is big on fermented foods because probiotics are vital to gut health. There is also one for bone beef broth , or basically Paleo bone broth It is a tasty one because she adds mirepoix , the holy trinity of French cooking along with her version of a bouquet garni. What is surprising is that she does greenlight cold cuts with their nitrates and fats.She also OKs sausages and ham - again most dieticians and nutritionist would warn against this.Most will enjoy her meal charts that offer only three to five hundred calories and a number of different choices. The book provides a list of her favorite raw foods which readers will like too. There are such tasty choices as prosciutto, real milk and cream along with ice cream. Some may even like her list of organ meats such as chicken and duck liver pate along with blood sausage and lamb's kidneys fried in butter Yes, Dr. Shanahan recommends even hamburgers but they must be eaten in the original Hamburg style , without the bun and with  mushrooms in a demi-glace sauce.Also allowed are chicken with dumplings and turkey with gravy.It's not a bad diet if you can just give up any store  bought baked goods.fermented foods also are recommended  and she is big on them,suggesting kimchi and pickles.

Deep Nutrition: Why Your Genes Need Traditional Ford posing interesting ideas about the effects of food on every part of the human body.
is a truly riveting book.It's not your average diet and recipe book. It's much deeper,

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