Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Alkaline Diet

Could a diet not only change your life but revitalize it? According to some homeopaths and nutritionists  it could. Ridding your diet of acids is supposedly beneficial . It's an interesting mix of veggies and fruits, that anyone can follow.

What is alkalinity? It's  defined as less acidity in the body, relating to pH levels.The higher the pH the lower the acidity. According to some doctors, this works in favor It supposedly can reduce the threat of cancer along with helping with arthritis and losing weight. The body should always maintain a  level of 7.4 Testing for acidity  is easy thanks to saliva strips from Hydrion (these can be bought from Micro Essential Labs).There are physical signs, too, such as shortness of breath, frequent sighing, muscle pain or cramping, especially after walking and feeling like you're not getting enough air.many people are more acidic thanks to their diets yet there are some that are purely alkaline. Like any diet, there are restrictions. The drinks everybody loves , soda and coffee are off limits dues to their high acidity along with artificial sweeteners. Surprisingly black tea is also on the list however all herbal teas are alkaline so they're a nice fall back. Tap water is neutral along with some spring waters such as Fiji and Evian.Milk also falls in this category however adding chocolate syrup or mix will amp up the acidity. Buttermilk, though, is very alkalizing so think about adding it to your drinking, baking and cooking.

The best bet for a more alkaline diet is to go completely vegan. Many meats are pure acid along with seafood. Beef, lobster and shrimp are restricted as are crab, lamb, pork and veal. Poultry, from chicken to turkey are in this category too, but not as bad as red meats. . For those who dread the idea of going cold turkey vegetarian there are slightly acidifying meats such as some breeds of  fish and liver, for those who can stand it. Salmon, sole, trout and flounder are the least and can be made into a variety of tasty dishes. The best bets for a truly alkalized diet are anything soy, namely beans , nuts and sprouts along with both navy and white beans, Red beans and chickpeas or garbanzos are slightly acidifying but allowed. Luckily there is a whole gamut of veggies to choose from, with avocados being the most alkaline.Tomatoes and sour pickles are in the strange category of being acidic but alkalizing.. Veggies that have some acidity are artichokes, Brussels sprouts, and lettuce along with cauliflower onions and peas. Most fruits are slightly acidic thanks to their fructose levels however there's no reason to give them up..The truly non acidic ones are watermelons, bananas, sour cherries and fresh coconut. Try to mix up this last to get all the health benefits they offer.

Alkaline diets are restrictive but the benefits are worth all the restrictions. It 's just eating more fish and veggies and cutting  out all the bad stuff. Doing this will drop acid levels, making for a better life.

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