Saturday, July 9, 2016

Summer Party Ideas

Summer is the time for entertainment .It's getting friends together and just celebrating the balmy nights or days by the pool.There's even room  to throw in an old fashioned clambake or fish boil. Whichever you choose will always be fun.

Of course there's the barbecue. That American classic will be the backbone of many warm weather gatherings. Give it a more sophisticated turn by serving grilled filet mignon on brioches.For a true lux  idea make a bagna cauda sauce  from anchovies cooked with olive oil, butter and garlic. If you want an even more decadent barbecue, then think burgers made from this expensive cut. Serve with sliced , grilled portobello mushrooms. Another party dish is champagne marinaded chicken. This is mixing the champagne with olive oil, garlic and seasonings and letting it marinate for anywhere from eight hours to overnight, It's grilled for fifty minutes to an hour over hot coals. Lobster can also be grilled too and it's a nice change of pace for a summer get together. Served with asparagus salad and a tomato basil mousse for a truly elegant warm weather party.Don't feel like cooking? Then have it catered. Many restaurants can roast up chickens and even turkeys along with a variety of sides if you;'e throwing a large (anywhere from fifteen to thirty people)They will also set up and supply you with servers too. As for dessert, try an ice cream Charlotte. It's a striking end to any dinner  and all it needs is lady fingers, fresh fruit and vanilla ice cream.The lady fingers are pressed against a spring form pan creating a shell, then  filled with the ice cream and fruit.

If you want something a bit more down to earth then think luau, clambake or fish boil. A luau is a great idea for a pool party. Start with the basics of this South Pacific feast, chicken, fish and pork.If you can try to get luau leaves however surprisingly collard greens can  be a substitute for them. Most luaus use the Hawaiian butterfish againrif you can;t find it in your fish store, then use pompano.A fun crowd pleaser is huli huli chicken, a marinated dish that artfully combines pineapple juice , white wine and soy sauce.Poi is a staple too but it is hard to come by , especially in the continental US , Sub in a mix of mashed banana, lemon juice and coconut cream. Make sure guests have fruity cocktails to sip as well.Clambakes can be fun too, even if you're miles away from any ocean. It's primarily a variety of seafood boiled together. Add what you want .Mussels, clams and lobsters are the most popular. Sometimes whole potatoes are added as is corn. Butter is melted, preferably in an old coffee can  and the seafood and the veggies can be dipped into it. Beer or cider is usually the beverage of choice. A fish boil is the Midwes';s version of a clambake.It's usually whitefish steaks boiled with potatoes and onions.served with a side of melted sweet butter. The meal ends with a cherry or blueberry pie a la mode ad strong, hot coffee.

It is the height of the summer party season. Throw one that suits your tastes. Go elegant or go down home. No matter what you choose, it will be a memorable one with good food and good drink.

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