Saturday, May 14, 2016

Homemade Hydration

Flavored waters  are  big things nowadays. Just plain H2O seems naked without some hint of fruit or mint. Yet they can be costly , especially if they're always on the grocery list. The solution? Make your own.

The best water comes from the tap - surprisingly, especially if you have a filter. It's very wise to install a Brita or a Pur nowadays, thanks to stories of lead in  pipes. To be honest , any town could be next to have tainted water so it pays to install some kind of filtration system . Another less expensive idea is buying your supermarket's in house brand of bottled water. It tastes the same as the more expensive national brands  but at a cheaper cost.Now comes the fun part - the infusions.It pays to get an infuser because you can make some a wide variety of flavors using fruit and herbs.There is the Bobble, which is only $14.95 and comes in a vast array of fun, poppy colors.Another option is a muddler, a cross between a giant swizzle stick and a pestle. They're usually stainless steel and found more behind bars. Yet they're instrumental in crushing any kind of berry or herb for infusing. Suppose you want apple or pear infused water.? This is where it pays to have mason jars with secure caps. The fruits should be sliced wafer thin and then placed in a jar with cold water. Keep the jars in the fridge for about four to five hours  before drinking. Unlike  with berries and citrus , it does take a while for the water to be infused.

One of the best aspects of making your own flavored waters is coming up with favorite combinations along with experimenting. Some people just prefer a light , fresh taste such as lemon or lime, This is a nice refresher , especially when we head into the summer months. Nothing beat a chilled citrus water on a hot day. You can also try oranges or even the smaller more flavor packed Halos for a different spin .Remember to cut the slices in half to allow the juice to seep into the water. Berry flavored water is a lovely way to end a barbecue that was heavy on meat and spices. Use a muddler to crush blueberries or blackberries along with strawberries.You may want to use a fine cheesecloth to filter out any seeds for a smoother drink.The great think about  making your own flavored waters is thinking outside the box. You can try watermelon balls for a sweet change or pineapple  chunks for a more tropical flavor. Herbs can also play an important part. Basil leaves give water a sweet, herbal taste, refreshing for a day at the beach or after running. Any kind of mint, from spearmint to peppermint is a cool addition to iced water. If  you want stronger flavors , think rosemary and oregano, as great boosters for a morning run slug.

Flavored waters are not only hot right now but refreshing. They're easy and fun to make. Get an infuser and a muddler and start creating.

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