Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Cooking Channel A New Passion

The Cooking Channel should be every foodie and home chef's obsession. It has neat shows that are both informative and fun along with entertaining hosts. The channel is everything food and snack lovers enjoy. It truly is a tasty treat.

I happened upon it one night when there was nothing on. Now it's  a Monday night must. One of my favorites is the back to back episodes of Unique Sweets.This is a neat show , with a variety of different hosts tasting and sampling their way through every bakery , candy and ice cream shop in America. Along with highlighting cruffins (a croissant and muffin hybrid) to cake pops.They cover every sweet corner of this country from pie shops in California to creameries in Maine and the best part is that the shops don't offer the usual fare. There are the turquoise-y Blue Velvet cupcakes found in Bay Ridge Brooklyn to that Californian pie shop that features beet (!) pie and a pie layer cake.  Foodies and home chefs will love that the sweets featured have their recipes on the site Another plus is that the hosts are quirky and as fun as the treats themselves.What follows is another fun and informative show is Unwrapped 2.0 with the former child star. Alfonso Ribiero. I always liked the first Unwrapped but unfortunately the Food Channel dropped it. This new version is livelier with the same neat facts as the original.

The Cooking Channel has other shows and celebrities that The Food Channel doesn't feature all that much.. Alton Brown is here as is Roger Mooking who so graciously granted an interview to this blog a couple of years ago. Tiffani  Thiessen has a cooking show too with her Dinner At Tiffani's, a celebrity packed show with good old fashioned recipes. This is a great show for novice home chefs who are planning their first big dinner party. It really is a watch and learn half hour.The channel also features a series of minute or two minute shorts called 'You're Eating It Wrong" which has certainly opened my eyes to some veggies and meat dishes.Host Dan Pashman  shows viewers how to eat almost everything , even chips and burgers to get the maximum flavor and texture from them.Chefs who have since left us for that great kitchen in the sky  such as Julia Child, Graham Kerr and The Two Fat Ladies, Clarissa Dickson Wright and Jennifer Patterson are also shown .It's a nice homage to them and allows younger home chefs to see the during their glory days..These were the ones who blew fresh air into dusty and dull kitchens around the globe.The channel also has a daily blog on their website that's crammed full of ideas and recipes.It's worth taking a look at for dinner and baking ideas.

The Cook Channel is a must see for any home chef or foodie. It's fun and lively , a truly delicious treat. Watch it for a taste of  something different and exciting.

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