Friday, April 1, 2016

No Joke The Best Kid's Cookbooks Ever!!

The best gift prents ca give their children is a knowledge and love of cooking. Once learned it can not be forgotten. ANother gift is the sense of adventure and trying new cuisines. Luckily there are some great new children's cookbooks that can aid home chefs in training their little sous chefs.

Quarry Publishing has put out three great cookbooks for the family. each one features a different cuisine, French, Italian and Spanish. They are written by experts in the field. The French was by Claudine Pepin, Jacques' daughter (Papa Pepin and her daughter , Shorey did the amazing illustrations for it), the Italian was written by  Anna Prandoni and the Spanish was penned by Gabriela Llamas .The last two authors are a cookbook writer and catering/culinary teacher respectively. All three cookbooks are bilingual so kids and parents can learn a new language or brush up on the ones they know. Every recipe comes with an explanation and they best represent the countries featured. All three books sing to the adventurous home chef in me but it's the Italian one that really impresses.It features some of the Piedmontese recipes that I ate growing up.Not too many cookbooks feature vitello e tonno, veal in tuna sauce , gnocchi and rice in parsley along with apple fritters, Ms. Pranodi comes from Piedmonte's neighbor, Lombardy , and both provinces have heavily influenced each other on a culinary level.

I love these books and wish they had been around when I was a kid.I love Ms. Pepin's recipes (and her dad and daughter's sweet illustrations) for the cherry rich dessert clafoutis and spinach with bechamel, a great dish to get the kids hooked on the green stuff. There is the super easy and super tasty croque Monsieur along with herb roasted potatoes and sauteed Swiss chard. Again the Italian cookbook has both Northern and Southern Italian cuisine. There is also homemade pizza, sure to be a family classic. Families will love making mozzarella in carrozza, breaded and fried mozzarella and for afterwards the all time favorite tiramisu. The Spanish family cookbook has such treats as the classic hot cocoa with churros , cinnamon fritters,a perfect marriage of Old and New World flavors. Both parents and kids will love the simple but flavorful bread with olive oil ,tomato and Iberian ham. Another fun recipe  - for the adults is the Amontillado sherry laced meatballs made of a mix of veal, breadcrumbs and carrots.There is also torrijas, Spanish French toast served with a honey sauce and apples in custard.  Bakers will enjoy making the Santiago Almond cake ,made in honor of the country's patron saint, James.

Parents should buy all three "Let's Cook" cookbooks, for both themselves and their children. It's never too early - or late to teach a little one about cooking and foreign cuisines. These books are a must in any home library!

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