Monday, March 14, 2016

Segovia Steakhouse:The Best Of Iberia

New Jerseyians know that if you want  good good Spanish or Portuguese influnced food you have to trek down to Newark's Ironbound area. However there are good Iberian centric restaurants studded throughout the Garden State. Segovia Steakhouse is one of those ,located in LittFerry in southern Bergen County. It's a true taste of the Ironbound, from the menu to the energy.

The restaurant  spun off  Segovia Restaurant in the next town of Moonachie. Both are owned by Manny Martinez and Tony Treus. The original eatery has been in existence for the last thirty years and is a staple in the area.It's an elegant place in the middle of a Manhattan bedroom town. (New York City is only a scant nine miles away). It's a nice place  featuring paellas and seafood however its' the steakhouse that 's now the star. It's a busy, buzzy wild place on a Saturday night. Situated in an elegant looking Mediterranean building that's painted a terra cotta orange, the restaurant is located in Little Ferry, only a block in from Route 46 , one of the county's main arteries. Unfortunately Segovia doesn't take reservations, the only drawback because the place is packed to the gills on a Saturday night. Waiting can be anywhere from fifteen minutes to an hour depending on your arrival time.Another drawback is the small parking lot but luckily the TD Bank next door is generous with theirs.

The wait and the crowds are worth it. The dishes are phenomenal, fragrant with saffron and garlic. Segovia offers tapas  (s does the Moonachie one) that features grilled chorizo,pinchos, marinated pork cubes and pulpo feria, paprika laced octopus.  Segovia  is a steakhouse first and foremost and it doesn't disappoint . A friend had their Porterhouse which could have fed three people. It was accompanied by a scant portion of veggies. There is also a skirt steak with the famed green sauce churrasco..All dishes come with a side of saffron rice and crispy homemade potato chips so good dipped in the sauces that come with the meals. My favorite is the pollo ajillo. This is a heavenly blend of chicken tenders with sauce of garlic and peppers in a buttery sauce.It was heavily spiced but delicious dish, especially the sauce which was also good sopped up with hot crusty rolls. I will definitely go back for this along with the arroz con pollo. Other tasty dishes are the arroz con camarones, a shrimp studded rice dish and pollo castellones, chicken with artichoke.The shrimp and rice was also amazing, fragrant with saffron and loaded with plump shrimp. Even though the dishes were more than filling ( diners can definitely leave with doggie bags) there us room for dessert. Yes Segovia features traditional flans but it's the chocolate cannoli with dark cheery sauce that steal the show (this could be a nod to the town's mostly Italian population. The tres leches cake was a nice mild ending to a highly spiced dinner.

If  you're craving good Spanish and Portuguese food then head to Segovia Steakhouse in Little Ferry ,New Jersey, The dishes are traditional , celebrating Spain and Portugal along with large platters of steak, Head over there for a phenomenal dinner.

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