Thursday, February 25, 2016

Lou Ana Coconut Oil - Go Coconuts For It

One of the most trending food and beauty items right now is coconut oil. It is everywhere with both home and professional chefs clamoring for it. They should buy LouAna's Coconut Oil. It's is a kitchen necessity, with uses for everything, from cooking to beauty maintenance.

The century old Lou Ana Company has jumped on this trendy bandwagon.The 122 year old company has been producing a variety of oils for Southern California kitchens and most of the US. Generations of home chefs have been using it for their family's fried chicken recipes as well as for the recently popular  holiday fried turkeys. The company started out selling  the usual every day  oils, safflower, peanut and vegetable. All  are fat free and rid of transfat. Their latest foray , coconut oil, is no different.It is non-hydrogenated, worth 0 percent transfat, ideal for frying and sauteing. It can be used for baking too. It makes for a better and relatively healthier buttercream frosting than the ones made with butter or margarine. Using it will definitely improve one's health.Coconut oils aids in heart health, being high in lauric acid which helps prevent high blood pressure and high cholesterol.It's great for those on diet because it speeds up metabolism, and helps to burn calories. Everyone knows about its' beauty benefits.It's excellent in softening rough skin and works better than fancy skin cremes in diminishing fine lines. This all purpose oil gives hair an amazing shine and is an excellent cuticle cream. (especially if you use those nail stickers  that dry out the nail bed.) LouAna has the regular coconut oil but also sells an organic kind They have just come out with a non stick spray for grills and griddles. This last can also be sprayed on poultry too, before roasting to give the bird a nice evenly browned skin.

Lou Ana has teamed with chef and The Chew host, Carla Hall for recipes. Chef Hall is a huge fan of coconut oil.It's highlighted in every one of her  dishes from main meal to dessert Her famed hot fried chicken is fried in it.  Hers is a healthier recipe than the traditional fried chicken, because she sautes the breaded pieces in the oil, rather than deep fries them. As I've found out  coconut oil gets hot very quickly and can also smoke too. Be cautious when using it,.She also uses it for crisping up her Dijon tarragon salmon and  braised short ribs. It's also in her eggplant casserole  as well as in her pear cranberry pot pie  Chef Hall even makes yummy walnut cinnamon cookies with it. I liked working with the oil however I used a bit too much the first time - not a good idea. There was a heavy oily aftertaste thanks to an over enthusiastic home chef. Some home chefs are put off by coconut oil, fearing their main dishes will taste like Mounds Bars. Not the case. The oil is tasteless and odorless having been distilled from the kernel or meat of the mature drupe, eliminating the distinct, tropical flavor. The purified oil is   then emulsified to produce the solid form. It melts at 76 F so keep in a cool place come summer.

Try Lou Ana's new line of coconut oils and coconut oil sprays.It's healthy and good , despite being trendy. Use it for delicious dishes and better baked treats.

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