Saturday, February 27, 2016

Healthy Oscar Noshing

Tomorrow night is Oscar night, a time to celebrate the year in film,It's also a time for parties, whether small family ones or large ones with fellow move buffs. Celebrate the way those Hollywood celebs do, with healthy dishes and snacks. It's a great way to nosh as the count down for best picture begins.

Pizza always tops the list of any Oscar party, whether it be the Vanity Fair do or the one in the family living room. Think of the chef to the stars , Wolfgang Puck, when making your own. He introduced the world to such diverse toppings as duck and shiitake mushrooms. Home chefs can easily come up with their own healthy versions. First sub in whole wheat flour  or rice flour for the crust. Just remember that it will not produce a light ,crisp one. It will be a bit dense and chewy.As for the toppings, slice up fresh tomatoes or for a more traditional one, puree them. You can add low fat mozzarella or the soy version. Toppings can be sauteed soy beef crumbles or chicken strips. Add a layer of garlic sauteed spinach or kale. Sprinkle on some mushrooms or just have sliced black olives or onions. You could also use the dough to make fancy and savory toppings. Try caramelized  onions with the cashew cheeses  or a fragrant ratatouille.Sliders are always a fun party dish  and thanks to Gardein, you can have the soy version Serve on whole wheat toast rounds with home made salsa. Have a slide of organic baked potato or sweet potato chips on the side.

Those chips will also be good with a healthy spin on onion dip. Take plain Greek yogurt and mix in some fresh diced onions along with a small pinch of sea salt. Blend thoroughly and serve with the baked chips. Another  fun dip is salsa. Finely chop up two to three (you may want to increase the amount if you have a large Oscar party) vine ripe tomatoes   and blend with finely chopped yellow onions. Bring heat to the party by adding one finely minced jalapeno pepper. Home made dumplings are another good party nosh.Make them healthy by creating whole wheat skins stuffed with shredded cabbage, ginger and carrots. Set them out with little bowls of Kikoman sauce for dipping. Popcorn and movies go hand in hand. Set up bowls of them throughout the viewing area. Have different flavors, from hot pepper to Italian style with a drizzle of rosemary infused oil. Caramel corn is always a good munch and an all natural one is an  easy make. Use melted coconut oil (try the  Lou Ana brand for this) to pop the kernels. More coconut oil i s then boiled with maple syrup, vanilla and sea salt to create the caramel. After this has been cooked it is then poured over the popped corn and tossed. Serve in popcorn boxes for extra fun.

Whether you're rooting for Leo or Eddie, Cate or Brie, sit back and enjoy healthy Oscar noshing. You'll be the winner , enjoying good for you appetizers and snacks. its your ticket to nutrition and nominees.

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