Thursday, January 28, 2016

Mississippi Roast A New Classic

The South is known for classic dishes, such as ham and grits, biscuits and chicken Now there's a dish ,Mississippi Roast that is right up there with them. It's now a Pinterest classic.

Times Food writer classic, Sam Sifton wrote about this amazing dish in yesterday's Wednesday 's issue.It's a simple dish of beef chuck slow cooked with powdered ranch dressing , and butter.There also au jus gravy added and a few pepperoncini added for bite.It was created by Robin Chapman of Ripley ,Miss. She put everything in her slow cooker one day fifteen years ago and what came out is culinary history. It was a buttery stew that her family gobbled up.It was also devoured up by the local community thanks to Ms. Chapmans best friend, Karen Farese put into her church's cookbook. The result went viral .

It was then shared on Pinterest which means it was shared with the world.It was also a hit on Facebook too as well on several food blogs. Mr. Sifton decided to make this on his own. Gone are the mixes with their chemical  flavors. He made his own ranch  dressing using apple cider and buttermilk . Paprika was also thrown in for color and bite. The result? Just as good as the original recipe. His family devoured it as heartily as it was at Ms. Chapman's table. Personally I would go with Mr. Sifton's recipe.I'd rather have the homemade dressing  and only half a stick of butter. You can add the pepperoncini if you like . Again,I'm not a big fan so that's one ingredient nixed.Serve it with egg noodles or in a sandwich.

Mississippi Roast is soon to be an American classic, on the same level as Jello cake or Dr Pepper ribs. It's a tasty dinner that's easily made and easily eaten. Try it and see what the South has been raving about for years

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