Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Hot Cup Of Healthy

The temps are dropping . The knees are knocking. That means one thing - time for a hot  drink to warm the body and spirit. The problem is what's the best drink?Is it a hot toddy or a hot herbal tea?  The answer  -the last. Keep it healthy, while keeping it hot.

Many people reach for a hot brandy when they feel chilly. That may work in a cartoon or sitcom when a convenient Saint Bernard comes bounding through the snow with a keg of brandy around his or her neck. In actuality , it actually causes our body temps to drop. Blood vessels dilate allowing it to come closer to skin.  This dilation makes the blood flow faster so to speak, allowing us to feel that warm rush. . However this is a temporary feeling, You could mix brandy or whiskey even with steaming hot. coffee or tea.Hot cocoa is another cold weather must drink. The best kind is from scratch. Start with  powdered dark cocoa like the Dutch company Droste' or an organic cocoa powder such as Rapunzels' Sweeten it with dark organic honey instead of granulated sugar. Many will protest this, saying those marshmallow packed  packets are easier to make. That may be true but you;re also getting you a mouth full of preservatives and corn syrup. Stick with the all natural kind, especially if you're having it after dinner. Too much of any sugary drink will keep you up at night,

What about coffee and teas? Again go for healthy. Nowadays people love their coffees extra sweet ,loaded with syrups and blobs of whipped cream. That's great if you're into liquid cake. A better choice is just hot and black.or if you must skimmed milk with a sweetener such as honey(!) or agave nectar. The last can be found in the health food aisle in your local grocery store.Teas are another great way to get rid of that frosty feeling. There are some tasty herbal ones out there. Try Twinings's Nightly Calm ,a soothing spearmint and lemongrass blend. This is the perfect tea to  sip on a cold night, when you're bundled up in flannel jammies and robe. Their lemon ginger tea is a good one also , bright and citrussy to  thaw out to when the temps hit the single digits.. Add a dollop of honey to bring out the lemony flavor. Twinings also has pomegranate and raspberry ,an all natural blend , guaranteed to both warm and wake you up.  If you want a cozy night time drink, again go for the natural instead of the alcohol. A hot buttered rum may sound nice but a better choice is warmed milk with a teaspoon of honey added. This is the best way to relax and keep warm on a cold winter's night,

The temps are dropping. The knees are knocking. Conquer the chill with a hot  and healthy cup of something natural. It's good for your body on all levels.

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