Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Perfect Sushi Cookbook

Ask people if they want to go out for sushi, the response is an enthusiastic "Yes!". Ask them if they want to come over for homemade and they'll look at you like = well-you;ve grown fins. Yet making your favorite California roll or sashimi is easy to do. There's a new cookbook out there to help you navigate through the various types and techniques.

Sushi chef and Rising Star chef of 2013 Robby Cook and Jeffrey Elliot , author of the book Zwilling Ja Henckels Complete Book of Knife Skills have collaborated to create The Complete Guide To Sushi andSashimi(Robert Rose Publishers 2015). This is the perfect book for sushi lovers who want to make this Japanese standard at home. The book is an extensive guide , giving readers the history of the dish (from the Third Century BCE) to how to sharpen knives.The cookbook has  a picture by picture how to of every assembly and decorating technique needed to create the perfect platter.There are detailed guides to ingredients too. Both Chef Cook and Chef Elliot also include pages on the equipment from the rolling mats to the rice cooker. They also include pictures of the necessary tamago pan which is used to making those large  square omelets used in sushi and the pressed sushi boxes or Oshizushihako. Another plus is the chapter on how to create a photogenic sushi plate for guests.

I like this book because it shows home chefs exactly what fish to use and how to filet them. Many of the pieces are very elaborate with some having as many as nineteen steps.There is a very detailed section on deboning with removing the fish' pin bones or vertebrae. Home chefs will appreciate  the elaborate guide on removing a fillet's skin while. tempura lovers will appreciate the how to prepare shrimp for this tasty dish.Both chefs also include how tos on shucking crabs and oysters. Sushi 't just eel and  tuna wrapped in rice and nori- dried seaweed. There are hand shaped sushi or nigiri, which are small bite sized balls along with scattered style sushi, the perfect dish for neophytes.It's just cubed raw fish scattered over a bowl of sushi (or white rice)There is a vegan version that features shredded omelets along with shiitake  mushroom caps and tofu. for the more advanced  there's the rococo like decorative square roll or shikaimaki. For a fun spin try the shiso ginger stuffed sushi which can be taken on picnics. It's stuffed with ginger and green onion pieces.

Sushi lovers should definitely buy  The Complete Guide To Sushi and Sashimi.it's the perfect guide for recreating those yummy sushi bar morsels. They'll be able to make beloved rolls at home for themselves and for friends.

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