Friday, October 30, 2015

Last Minute Halloween Treats

The scariest part of any Halloween party is not having enough treats for your guests. Don't despair .There are plenty of fun , last minute goodies to serve - and best of all - a snap to make, This gives you enough  time to hop into that /monster/angel, demon/political candidate costume and vie for best costume.

Monster fingers are always a neat hors d'oeuvre to serve.Take regular size carrots and round the ends. At one end carve out a fingernail like indentation. Serve them in a jar filled with vinaigrette (heavy on the red wine vinegar here - you want to go for that "gore" effect). A variation of this is roasted fingers. Serve with a dip if you'd like but the vinaigrette should impart plenty of flavor.A variation of this are roasted fingers. Grill hot dogs (meat or vegan or both ) , stick an almond at the end and served on bloody bandages- hot dog rolls soaked in catsup. Another fun starter is really devilled eggs. Pour a drop of red food coloring as well as adding some cayenne to the egg mash. Put cashew halves on either side to simulate horns. Creepy mouths will have your guests talking. This involves snow pea pods, baby bell peppers and almond slivers.Slit the peapods lengthwise so they resemble mouths. After cut the peppers so that they resemble little tongues and pace in the slit. Add the almond slivers as teeth and serve. wash down with some blood red sangria or a red wine punch.

Halloween is a time when you can never have enough sweets. Haystacks seem an appropriate treat, given that it's also harvest time too. These are one of the easiest treats to make.Start by a quick toasting coconut in the oven or toaster oven until lightly brown at 350 degrees Farenheit. This only takes two to three minutes. In the meantime, melt dark or milk chocolate pieces with butter or margarine. for a few seconds. After cooking mix well and add the coconut. Stir until completely blended and  then drop on either a greased cookie sheet or a sheet of parchment paper. Cool for two to three hours before serving. For added color , decorate with a candy corn or Mellocreme pumpkin. You can also make candy corn bark by adding the treat to melted chocolate . Don't mix and spread onto either a buttered  cookie sheet or parchment paper. Candy apples are the perfect Halloween party treat and favors too. You can dip them fresh and then set up a decoration bar with nuts, coconut flakes, gummy works and M&M.s. Guests will love creating their own fun designs and  savoring them afterwards.

Make these scary and yummy treats for your Halloween do. They're a great way of celebrating a spooky night. Give  them party fun that's just pumpkin perfect!.

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