Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Bright New Restaurant Season

Autumn in New York is magical. The stifling heat is gone, replaced by crisp breezes.It's s the start of the party season as well as a brand new season for the arts. It's also a brand new season for eateries with many of them opening up during these next few weeks. It's an eclectic freshman group with flavors from Provence to the American South.

The New York Times Food section  featured them yesterday in their fall restaurant preview. Veteran food writer , Pete Wells went up and down Manhattan Island as well as into the boroughs to find the latest and soon to be restaurants. of course there are the classic French one like Le Garage in Brooklyn that features classic Gallic flavors like beurre noire and Rouge Tomate Chelsea , a branch of the midtown one. This is New York City after all , and Italian and Chinese cuisine reign supreme here. Affectionados of the cuisines will not be disappointed with the latest creations from partners Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich.,  La Sirena.This is a huge 250 seater hybrid trattoria in the trendy Maritime Hotel. Mr. Batali has a menu full of roasted and fried tidbits along with pastas and scaloppini , reminiscent of Little Italy restaurant fare. The Waldorf Astoria is also acquiring a new eatery in the form of La Chine , a Chinese restaurant , that reflects its' new owners heritage. It will showcase  unusual dishes like raw lobster with winter melon, along with raw drunken shrimp in yellow wine. Chef David Garcelon , the chef at La Chine is familiar with working with raw fish and he'll leave his imprint there.

Are there any stand outs? There are a few predicted such as Carla Hall's Southern Kitchen that features homey classics such as chicken with hot sauce.The Lower East Side has welcomed  Lucky  Bee which serves Asian street food like smoked trout with betel leaf. German and Austrian foods will be on every Manhattan foodie's must eat list thanks to German chef Guenter Seeger who will open a restaurant with his  name and the wittily named Austrian restaurant, Freud. The last is big on weiner schnitzel along with other Viennese classics in an atmospheric brasserie that's reminiscent of the actual Freud's Vienna.Nordic food is also anticipated from chef Gunnar Gislason, who was the chef at the famed Dill in Reykjavik, Iceland. He'll head the restaurant connected with the Nordic market at Grand Central Terminal. Authentic Peruvian cuisine , is going to be served at hot spot to be Llama Inn  and it's predicted to be one of the city's most innovative. Another star on the horizon is Indian Accent which will also  serve diners  risotto, soft shell crabs and pork ribs along with traditional dishes.

Fall in Manhattan is always an exciting time, full of fresh starts and new beginnings. It's definitely true of the city's restaurant trade. New eateries abound and with them exciting new tastes .

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