Friday, July 31, 2015

Feeding A Summer Cold

This is day three of a summer cold. It is miserable for anybody, for a foodie like myself is just torture.
Unfortunately the appetite lags as my taste for food goes south. What do I eat without upsetting my stomach. What can  perk up those taste buds?

Bouillon cubs have definitely become my best friends. So far I can get broth down and I always recommend having these culinary lifesavers in the kitchens.There are also excellent  for cooking rice in to give them flavor as well as being the base for light soups. Noodles or any pasta are also good because you can make a simple, easy to eat lunch or dinner. Try a light butter sauce or if you're feeling a bit more peckish add sliced fresh tomatoes, preferably the plum kind and maybe a dash of oregano. Toast is a must have.It's good with butter or just dry ,and it's an easy  meal to get down. Crackers are another , They good , just eaten on their own along with being filling. Smear jam on them for an easy dessert.I also always have fresh ginger on hand. It's the best bet in making a stomach and throat soothing tea.

One of the best things about a summer cold (if it can be considered that) is that you can feed it with fresh fruit. Any harvest, from peaches to melons are good, bursting with vitamins and antioxidants, Cut the fruit into bite sized pieces so  they 're easier to eat. Remember , that you'll have a loss of appetite to even going through a watermelon slice will be a chore. You would think that the season's fave ice cream would be the perfect antidote for a cold. Not true. Ice cream is dairy which causes phlegm = more gook to deal with when you're already snot laden. Go for Italian ice or popsicles. These are water based and are easier on your system.Somehow they're also more soothing too.Another  must is drinking water. We have to anyway to stay hydrated however a cold also dries you out too. Have fresh water, infused with  melon or lemon to make it more refreshing. Both hot and cold tea is also good.

A summer cold is the ultimate bummer. However by eating light and healthy you can make it tolerable. It'll be a small glitch in an otherwise bright season.

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