Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Cuckoo For Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the latest diet craze and let's face it, everything craze.People are ingesting it faster than they"re drinking, well, coconut water.What are the benefits?what are the uses? can it be incorporated in our diets on a daily basis?Or is just another Internet fad. The stuff comes from the edible kernel or meat of the matured coconut.Unlike other oils it doesn't turn bad for two years.There is a variation known as virgin coconut oil or VCO.It can be produced from fresh meat , milk or even the residue.It requires removing the meat or white flaky part from the shell and washing it before pressing.Many health organizations warn against it because it is has high levels of saturated fats and create high blood pressure levels. Oil lovers claim it has benefits,from reversing the effects of Alzheimer's Disease to improving both Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes.It also helps boost metabolism and corrects any thyroid problems.Many believers also use it to lose weight.Coconut oil can help improve bones and teeth.Used as a topical cream, it improves hair luster and skin tone.Home chefs can buy it anywhere from Target to WalMart to Walgreen.You can also get it at the Vitamin Shoppe and Amazon.com..If you buy it, please keep in mind that it changes texture at 76 degrees Farenheit.It can go from solid to liquid in a snap.However storing it in the fridge will only turn it into a hard to use solid.It's best stored in a pantry or cupboard. What can yup do with it food wise?Many health conscious home chefs use it intend of butter and oil.It does have a slight flavor of coconut but not that it's like eating a Mounds Bar.The virgin coconut oil has a more pronounced flavor and aroma, which makes it perfect for dessert recipes.Most Indian dishes call for coconut oil and it is great in curry dishes.It can also be used in some Caribbean dishes too such as tropical quinoa pilaf or coconut roasted sweet potatoes.The oil is used for stir frying and sauteing and is a neat addition to scrambled or poached eggs.The oil can be used to fry chicken but also rub it on a whole chicken. For a crispier skin.Bakers swear that it creates a better and even sweeter chocolate chip cookie.It does not produce a think crispy texture however.The cookie's texture will be denser and chewier.It can also be used incase and brownies recipes too as well as breads, muffins and scones..Waffles and pancakes can be made with this and you can serve them with the coconut oil drizzled On top as well. Coconut oil could be here to stay or it could just be a fad.Try it and see for yourself.It is versatile for any meal or dessert. It 's an interesting addition to any pantry.

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