Monday, March 3, 2014

Lenten Diets All Year Round

Lent will be starting with this Wednesday.It 's a time when Christians give up certain foods, especially meat and dairy.It's an idea that's worth looking into as a year round diet.It means more fruit and veggies along with a step towards healthier living. Most Catholics and some Protestants give up meat on Wednesdays and Fridays.Starting with a day or two without meat is a good and easy way towards veganism.After a few months you can increase meatless days to four or five and then eventually have meat days one or twice a month.Since some religions allow fish this is a good time to explore the different types put there.Try a steamed salmon(easy to do in the microwave) or tuna which can be served hot or cold.This is also a convenient time to check into the many types of soy "meats"out there.You can easily make spaghetti and meatballs using mushroom based already prepared meatballs.There's also veggie burgers and veggie dogs to try on a Friday night.The Greek Orthodox also give up dairy during the forty days leading up to Easter.This paves the way to try both soy and rice milk,along with the soy and coconut based ice creams. Many people give up a favorite food for this time of fasting.It's usually cake, ice cream and cookies.If these can be given up for just a little over a month, then they can also be given up for good.Again,Lent is an excellent time to explore healthier desserts such as fruits.These are extremely versatile too.You can end a meal with apple sauce, sprinkled with cinnamon.Another treat is grilled pineapple kabobs.Make fruit salads using all sorts of fruits in your market,along with trying new ones such as kiwis and mangoes.Snacks too are usually given up.This is good way of switching over to simple snacks like crackers and rice cakes..Also think a bout having raw veggies with a lemon or lime vinaigrette as a daytime nibble.It's filling but also light. Lent is a time of giving up favorite and lush foods.It's also a chance for a healthier diet and to change unhealthy eating habits.Following one's beliefs is not only good for the soul but for the body as well.

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